Deluxe Seatback Wheelchair Bag

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Stay organized with the Deluxe Wheelchair bag! With multiple, spacious pockets to organize items it's no wonder why this wheelchair pouch is so popular! Constructed from durable, water resistant material to withstand tough conditions.


The Deluxe Seatback bag offers many different spacious compartments so belongings can be organized and separated making this wheelchair pouch great for the office, school, and more! The Deluxe Seatback Wheelchair Bag is a high-strength, cutting edge wheelchair bag made out of a durable and water resistant material that will accommodate the needs of the most demanding consumer. This Seatback bag will attach to your chair with minimal effort allowing you to install and remove the wheelchair bag very quickly. These Seatback Wheelchair Storage Bags are specifically engineered to work with powerchair seats and chairs that utilize push handles. The Deluxe Seatback bag is adjustable to accommodate the many scooters and chairs which are available on the market today.

Product Features

  • Constructed from durable, water resistant material
  • Deluxe Seatback bag includes multiple storage compartments
  • Many different pockets to organize items
  • Designed to work with both powerchair seats and chairs with push handles
  • Made in the USA!
  • 6 month warranty


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