How To: Determine If a Hitch Mounted Carrier Can Be Used on a Trailer

Can I put a carrier on a trailer?

Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel Trailer frames were not designed for the direct downward weights associated with the hitch mounted atv or motorcycle carriers and bike to be added to the rear of the trailer. Other manufacturers have installed and continue to install these types of lifts onto trailer frames. The stories that are relayed to us is that the installation of the lift systems will do two things:

  • The additional weight pushing directly downward on the rear of the trailer frame bends the trailer frame. One client has such a system and the rear frame bent so that the slide out will no longer function. We have talked to numerous customers with frame problems associated with a motorcycle lifts being installed.
  • When adding that additional weight to the rear of the frame, it removes the weight from the front hitch pin so that the trailer does not track or handle correctly. There is a big difference between pulling a boat or small cargo trailer behind a fifth wheel trailer with a 350 pound tongue weight, than by adding 1300 to 1400 pounds of direct downward force, bouncing at the rear of the trailer.

So what’s the verdict? All things considered you may proceed at your own risk when it comes to using a carrier added on to a trailer or check out our Swivel Wheel motorcycle trailer designed for 5th wheel trailers.

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