How To: Determine the proper boat cover size for your boat & proper boat cover care

Determine the proper boat cover size and proper boat cover care

Universal fit boat covers are general purpose covers designed to fit most of the boat styles listed based upon the combination of boat length and beam width. Below you will find the most accurate and useful information needed to help determine what boat covers will work for your boat.

Step 1: Confirm that your boat is one of the following types:

  • V-Hull Ski Boat
  • Fishing Boat
  • Tri-Hull Runabouts(inboard and outboard)
  • Aluminum Bass Boat
  • Fish & Ski
  • Pro-Style Bass Boat

Please note that the above boat types are the ONLY types applicable. Our current lineup of quality boat covers will not fit square nosed Tri-Hulls, deck boats or boats with Cuddy Cabins of any sort.

Step 2: Use a tape measure to determine the length of your boat as measured from the transom to the bow (this is the very rear of the boat to the front tip of the boat).

Step 3: Use a tape measure to determine the beam of your boat. The beam is width of your boat at its widest part (typically found in the middle of the boat).

Step 4: Compare your results from the first three steps with our cover size specifications and boat type listing. Choose the appropriate cover for your boat.

On rare occasions, the boat covers will not fit even though the specifications indicate otherwise. This can be due to unusually high windshields, railings or ad on components such as trolling motors or anchor mounts.

If your windshield has metal channel edging please check to make sure that there are not any sharp edges. As you would expect, sharp edges will cut the boat cover especially in strong winds or while trailering your boat with the cover on.

Although our boat covers are designed to be used while transporting your boat, this use is hard on the cover. You can extend the life of your cover by limiting its use while transporting your boat to those times when inclement weather is imminent. Please ensure that all the straps are snug and the cover is secure prior to departing. Additional straps may be added to further secure the boat cover from flapping in the wind.

There is an inexpensive method to help avoid puddles of rain from forming on your boat cover. Purchase PVC piping and end caps. Cut the PVC piping with a hack saw being careful to make a straight cut or determine the length you desire and have the lengths cut to size at your local hardware or home improvement store. The pipes with end caps should be place half way across the width of the boat and act like the center pole in a tent. Tighten the cover down over the pipe alternating between straps until you have a taught cover pitched over all areas of the boat so that the rain runs off the cover and over the sides of the boat. With a little experimenting you will determine the correct height, placement, and number of support poles for your boat. Eliminating puddles should extend the life of your cover by allowing it to dry more quickly and avoiding debris build up in the low areas of the cover. With all of this in mind, you can now purchase the right universal boat cover to suit your needs.

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