Langston Racing Aluminum Folding Single Runner Motocross Dirt Bike Ramp - 6', 7', & 8' Long

Thanks to its hybrid aluminum alloy and nylon tube construction, this patented dirt bike loading ramp is a lightweight and durable solution for transporting motocross bikes. Available in three lengths and weight capacities, the Langston Racing folding dirt bike ramp is the perfect choice for hauling all your motocross and dirt bikes.

  • Folding design available in 3 lengths
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy and nylon tube construction
  • 8" nylon lip with non-slip rubber underside
  • Treaded feet won't slip on ground
  • Comes with manufacturer’s one-year warranty
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Overall
Status Price Quantity
D36-41-618 6' 418 lbs
D36-41-621 7' 385 lbs
D36-41-624 8' 363 lbs

Langston Racing folding ramps make it simple to load your dirt bike or motocross bike onto a pickup truck bed, van, or trailer. Strong enough for heavy use, these patented dirt bike loading ramps feature a lightweight aluminum alloy and nylon tube construction.

Each of these ramps conveniently folds to half its full length – perfect for storing in your pickup truck’s bed. For safety, the folding ramp has a full 8" lip with a non-slip rubber underside to prevent sliding off the tailgate, and the ramp feet have treaded rubber surfaces to keep them firmly in place.

This aluminum folding dirt bike ramp is available in 6', 7', and 8' lengths from, and is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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