Stainless Steel Dodge Ram Van Roof Racks

Ladder Roof Rack System designed to fit all Dodge Ram vans adds rooftop storage space when interior space is limited. Stainless steel cross bars hold up to 300 lbs each and come in sets of two or three. Hardware included and drilling is not required.

Item # Number
of Bars
Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Status Price Quantity
H4045SS 2 Dodge Ram Van
H4190SS 3 Dodge Ram Van


Add rooftop storage space to any year Dodge Ram fullsize van with the H1 Stainless Ladder Rack from Vantech. The rectangular 2" x 1" cross bars come with a protective bar guard to protect equipment against scratches and are available in sets of two or three. Each stainless steel cross bar has a 300 lb capacity. Machine-welded uprights and drip rail clamps (rubber dipped) attach cross bars to the van roof - installation does not require any drilling. Accessible (2) eyehooks are located on each mounting base for tie-downs. 5" Ladder Stopper, 5.5" Ladder Guide, and a Velcro Strap are all included to secure ladders and other gear to the ladder rack.

1" W x 2" H
600 lbs (2 bars)
900 lbs (3 bar)
300 lbs
All years

Product Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rectangular 2" x 1" cross bars available in sets of two or three
  • Protective non-slip cross bar guards
  • Rubber dipped drip rail clamps
  • Rubber end caps on mounting uprights to stop wind noise and water leakage
  • Ladder Stopper and Ladder Guide prevent gear from sliding forward during transport
  • Ladder Stopper and Ladder Guide are rubber coated to protect loads
  • Velcro Strap holds up to 75 lbs
  • Fits all fullsize Dodge Ram vans
  • No drilling required


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