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Pedal around with your dog on the handlebars. Attaching to your dogs collar, the adjustable leash clasp will keep your pet safely in the dog bike carrier as you ride around. Not only will your dog be secure but they will also be comfortable sitting in the fleece interior of this nylon carrier. The Outer pockets are great for holding your phone, keys, treats, water bottles and more during bike rides.

  • Easy to clean nylon shell with fleece interior
  • Secures to bike with two adjustable straps and lower stabilizer bar
  • Adjustable leash clasp
  • Removable padded base


The Dog Bike Carrier is made from durable nylon and installs in seconds. The carrier comes in a black and gray pattern and has a 1 year warranty.


The Dog Bike Carrier is designed with your pets comfort in mind. The carrier is made from a durable, easy-to-clean nylon shell and has a fleece inside, top border. The black and gray color scheme is stylish and features a reflective strip for better visibility for motorists when on the road. The front mesh pocket is perfect for holding your cell phone, keys, pet treats, and leash. The side of the carrier has a mesh water bottle holder that fits most standard water bottle sizes.

Attaching the carrier takes only seconds. Simply buckle the two adjustable straps around the handle bars, and rest the lower support mount up against the post of your bicycle and you are ready to go. The inside of the carrier has an adjustable clasp that quickly attaches to your dog's leash keeping them safely inside while riding. Two additional metal supports keep the bottom of the carrier rigid. Removable hard-sided walls slide out to allow you to fold the carrier for storage. The Dog Bike Carrier has a 10 lb weight limit and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Dog bike carrier
3.25 lbs
10 lbs

Product Features

  • Side mesh water bottle pocket
  • Front mesh pocket
  • Stylish black and gray color scheme
  • Removable padded base
  • Rigid sides remove for easy storage
  • Secures with two adjustable straps and lower stabilizer bar
  • Adjustable leash clasp
  • Easy clean nylon shell
  • Metal supports keep base rigid
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Reflective safety strip for better visibility
  • Carrying handles
  • Basket Length 14-1/2"
  • Basket Width 10-1/4 "
  • Basket Depth 10-3/8"
  • 1 Year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Choose the Correct Pet Ramp
How to Keep your Dog Safe in the Car Helps Promote Animal-Assisted Therapy with Donation to Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

Review Summary (Based on 14 Reviews)


3 Stars Does the job

Derek from PA wrote (July 21, 2015):

It is a bit smaller than expected and not as sturdy as I would want but, with the right size dog it works just fine. It is worth the costs in contrast to the super expensive versions.

3 Stars Just okay

Natalia from CT wrote (July 01, 2015):

Did not come with instructions; only works on 1 out of 4 bikes that my family owns. Wish it was more secure but for the price I guess I shouldn't complain.

5 Stars awesome dog carrier!!

Tanya from CA wrote (May 08, 2015):

i love this dog carrier for my bicycle. my dog loves it too! we went along for a bike ride and she loved it so much she didn't want to get out when we were done. I bought this because my dog always wants to come along with me when I ride my bike, and now I can have her join me. its perfect. thank you so much for this product :)

4 Stars Works great after a few adjustments

Karin from OH wrote (May 05, 2015):

Basket now comes with instruction page with photos. For my bicycle, if the basket straps go straight, they cover the shifters. Had to angle the straps inward. This buckles the basket sides a bit and reduces the opening for the dog. Straps were long, the adjustment is on the short strap not the long strap so very little space to cinch tight. Had to loop around handle bars twice to get tight. The metal support bar rests on the bike frame but the brake cables were in the way. Used a hook & loop strap to hold brake lines off to side. Took our 7 lb. Maltipoo for a bike ride with no problem.

5 Stars Dog Bike Carrier

Darlene from IL wrote (May 04, 2015):

Bought this for my dog to ride on my bike with me. He is a yorkshire terrier around 6 lbs. At first he was hesitant on riding so I put a small pillow in the bottom. Had to make a few adjustments, but works awesome. Nice product plenty of room to carry extra stuff with you also.

4 Stars Persistance is a virtue

E. Floyd from PA wrote (April 27, 2015):

At first I cursed at what appeared a "cruel trick" and the lack of instructions and then went to the prior reviews on Amazon and became encouraged by the struggles that had gone on before me. Thank you to the reviewer that hinted at pockets on the bottom. Well folks here it is: 1. remove the metal rectangular bars located on arrival inside the unit and the odd shaped metal bar 2. flip the carrier over and insert the rectangular bars into the flaps on the bottom ( that are also velcro) so that the bars face upward forming a support on the bottom 3 place the oddly shaped bar into the slot on the bottom middle of the carrier ( it can only go in one direction) this eventually will rest against your bike 4. Lift all the velcro straps inside. 5. match the appropriately sized cardboard and plastic liners to the sides and the bottom 6 attach velcro straps through the metal clips and around the handle bars BE SURE TO CINCH TIGHTLY BEFORE ADDING PET!!!!!! I have a mountain bike with large tires and the clearance was close but it works with an 8 lb Chihuahua …..I'm happy but I am not yet sure he is ….LOL

4 Stars small pet carrier

Tom from MN wrote (April 26, 2015):

Very good product at a very good price

5 Stars Perfect way to take your pet for some air

Jasmine from NY wrote (April 21, 2015):

I love the idea of taking the dog out for a ride on the bike. I have a 15 year old dog that likes to go outside but wants to be carried this bag is perfect for her. It gives me freedom to move around and allows the dog to tag along. As a matter fact the dog sat in the bag once I took it out of the box for a while, she must have know. It was for her. Thanks for a great product at an affordable price.

5 Stars my bicycle carrier for my puppy

Leo Escovedo from CA wrote (April 20, 2015):

I have no dislikes and my puppy has never experienced this carrier and she an older dog and I wasn't sure if she would like it ,well she love's it and going on bike rides with me and I love having go with me,everything is good with this product,Oh! it's a Pet Bicycle bag item PPB-1

5 Stars Great Product

Holly from WA wrote (April 19, 2015):

Bought two of these so my fiance' and I could bring our chihuahuas on bike rides. We didn't want to spend a lot of money, and after a lot of research we finally came across these doggy baskets at a great price. They're easy to install and sturdy enough to hold the dogs. Saved us a lot of money!

4 Stars Dog Carrier for Bicycle

Robert from CO wrote (March 27, 2015):

I have a 7 lb. Yorkie that fits perfectly in this doggie basket. She loves to ride out front and get the wind in her face. Discount Ramps sent the item promptly. It was affordable and simple to assemble and is easily mounted and removed from the bike. The only weakness I found was the basket swayed from side to side a little. I added a small brace to stabilize. I love it and the dog loves it.

4 Stars Very Nice

Bill Mullins from TX wrote (February 18, 2015):

Over all this is a nice product. I got it to carry my little dog with me when I ride my bike; especially when I am camping. It went together fairly easily and quite quickly. The item was shipped very quickly. I gave them a positive review and 5 stars (where I could) on ebay. One complaint and the reason for only 4 stars. NO INSTRUCTIONS OF ANY KIND. It would have been very helpful to have had any sort of diagram to use to figure out what the parts were and what the optimum order for assembling the product might be.

4 Stars PBB-1 Dog Bike Carrier

Robert from CA wrote (February 10, 2015):

I got it today and couldn't wait to put it on the bike and give the dog a thrill. We have a 7 lb. Yorkie that has recently discovered the outdoors. She was apprehensive at first, but moments later she was in her element, enjoying the ride. There is nothing complicated about attaching the carrier to the bike and the package included instructions, in the event there were questions. I'm looking forward to spring & summer and taking the dog along on rides.

3 Stars No Instructions

Dean from WA wrote (May 06, 2014):

I received the bicycle dog basket PBB-1 and it appears to be good however I got no instructions as to how to assemble it and how to attach it to the bicycle? I guess I guess? Hope my puppy doesn't fall out. That would be bad!

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