How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

It is easy to admire your dog’s enthusiasm for standing on the seat of your vehicle and sticking its head out the window, but experts also caution that airborne debris such as dirt and sand damage your dog’s eyes and ears. Additionally, if not properly strapped in, your best friend runs the risk of interfering with your ability to drive the vehicle, or worse, falling out of the window.

Methods of Keeping your Dog Safe in the Car

The absolute best way to keep your dog safe in a moving vehicle is to keep the windows closed, but for those who simply cannot deny their dog’s desire to catch the breeze, here are some options to help reduce those risks:

Dog Harness - A dog harness fits across your pet’s chest and shoulders, creating secure points that won’t press against its throat or obstruct breathing the way a traditional collar might. The tie-down points of the pet harness can be clicked into the seat belt buckle of your vehicle to securely stabilize your dog and limit how close it can get to the window. The pet harness may be used in tandem with other straps to give your pet more freedom.

Dog Belt - Best used along with a dog harness, a dog seatbelt is an extension of the vehicle seat belt. While it limits how far your dog can reach out the car window, it is also easily adjusted to find just the right length for your dog.

Dog Zip Line - Ideally used with a dog harness, the dog zip line is a strap that extends between both windows in your back seat to give your dog the freedom to move from one side of the vehicle to the other.

Pet Barriers - Pet barriers keep your animal within a certain area of the vehicle, such as the back seat or the cargo area in the rear of an SUV. While this doesn’t provide the stability of securing a pet with a belt, it does improve the safety factor while driving by preventing your dog from jumping back and forth from one seat to another or even onto your lap.

Travel Pet Carriers - Travel pet carriers come in many different varieties, and are ideal for keeping your pet comfortably confined to a single area of the vehicle. Travel pet carriers offer the added benefit of reducing pet hair in your vehicle, and can also make getting your pet in and out of your vehicle much easier.

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