Dog Ladder from Paws Aboard


Pet water accessibility on the boat, pier and even the pool with the Doggy Boat Ladder! Conveniently attaches to 3 or more step water ladders giving easy access for your pet. Manufactured from UV, rust and corrosion resistant materials!


Provide safe and easy pet access into and out of the boat with the Dog Ladder from Paws Aboard! Arthritic, older, and overweight pets will have no problem using the Doggy Boat Ladder due to the slip resistant ribbed surface and a 64" length that extends far into the water giving your pet an adequate surface to start climbing into the boat. Made of UV resistant material and rust / corrosion resistant hardware the dog ladder is durable enough to work in almost all types of weather and water conditions including salt water! The convenient and portable ladder can be folded up making it easy to transport and store away when not in use. When the standard boat ladder is needed for regular use simply detach the Doggy Boat Ladder and float it next to the watercraft till needed. View the image gallery below for more illustrated details.

19 lbs

Product Features

  • Portable lightweight design
  • Can be used with any size dog
  • Slip resistant ribbed traction surface
  • Easy to setup and take down
  • Conveniently folds in half for transport and storage
  • Universal design can be used on boats, piers, docks, and pools
  • Washes with soap and water
  • UV resistant material
  • Hardware is rust and corrosion-proof
  • Reduce pet strain and injury
  • Ladder floats but is NOT to be used as a flotation device
  • NOT for human use
  • 1 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects


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