Dog Life Jacket

Great for pet recreational activities such as playing on the beach, going hunting, or boating. Each dog life vest wraps around the chest and provides a little extra float to help keep the dog's back up for leverage while swimming. Available in Blue and Orange with sizes to fit a variety of dog breeds.

1 Year Warranty
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DLJ-S Small 14" 12"
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The Dog Life Jacket helps pets enjoy water recreational activities while boating, hunting, or swimming at the beach. Each dog life preserver is designed to wrap around the dog's chest with (2) flaps for a comfortable fit. The flaps are secured together by Velcro and (2) plastic buckle straps. Available in (5) sizes designed to fit a variety of dog breeds and (2) colors to choose from. We recommend using the bright orange model for activities where it's necessary for dogs to be highly visible around water. Each dog life preserver includes a durable plastic leash ring, reinforced handle for guidance, and reflective safety strips. A dog life vest adds a little extra float to increase buoyancy and provides a level of safety for dogs who may have a pre-existing condition which hinders their swimming ability. Please measure pets and consult the sizing chart before purchase. For pet safety, plastic buckles must be secured to ensure the dog life jacket maintains a firm grip. Includes a 1 year Manufacturer's warranty against defects.

**Handle designed to help guide your dog NOT for carrying**

Dog Life Jacket Sizing Chart - Please measure your pet before ordering!
Flap Length*Leg DistanceChestCollarHandle
Extra Small9.25"9"6"6"16-19"9-12"4.25"
Extra Large24.75"17"9"12.5"27-35"18-21"10"

*Leg Distance: Measurement of the minimum distance between the dog's front and hind legs to allow room for the life jacket flap to be secure without chafing or pinching fur.

Dog Life Jacket - For pet recreational activities, boating, hunting, and more
Please measure your pet before ordering! See chart in Overview tab.

Product Features

  • Great for pet recreational activities, hunting, boating, and more
  • Velcro flap wraps comfortably around pet's chest
  • Dual straps secure the flap in place
  • Padded foam inserts help pets stay afloat with extra buoyancy
  • (5) Sizes in Blue and Orange to choose from
  • Built-in reinforced handle
  • Strong plastic leash attachment ring
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Handle designed to help guide your dog NOT for carrying

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