Combo Pet Stroller, Carrier & Car Seat

Have your pet travel by your side in comfort with our all-in-one pet stroller, carrier and car seat. Stroll your pet along in the high quality stroller for controlled walks, detach the carrier to carry your pet from one spot to the next with the shoulder straps, or secure the carrier to a car seat and have your four-legged friend sit copilot as you drive - this pet stroller does it all! The carrier is manufactured from water-resistant nylon with a full canopy to keep your pet dry, a mesh covered top for ventilation, or fully open so your pet can enjoy the scenery. Your choice of colors in pink, red or blue. More
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1 Year Warranty

Have your pet travel by your side in comfort with our all-in-one pet stroller, carrier and car seat. Stroll your pet along in the high quality stroller for controlled walks, detach the carrier to carry your pet from one spot to the next with the shoulder straps, or secure the carrier to a car seat and have your four-legged friend sit copilot as you drive - this pet stroller does it all! The carrier is manufactured from water-resistant nylon with a full canopy to keep your pet dry, a mesh covered top for ventilation, or fully open so your pet can enjoy the scenery. Your choice of colors in pink, red or blue.

  • Carrier manufactured with water-resistant nylon, stroller made from rust-resistant steel
  • Stroller folds for compact storage
  • Adjustable shoulder straps secure carrier to stroller or car seat
  • 2 car seat positions for back or front seats
  • Attached inside leash included
  • Removable, washable bottom pad
  • Available in pink, red or blue


These quality discount pet strollers come in three colors and act as a car seat, pet carrier, and stroller all-in-one!


The all-in-one dog pink stroller is not only a pet stroller, but a pet carrier and a car seat! This durable, high quality dog carrier stroller and car seat is the ideal way to travel with your pet. The dog pink stroller consists of a zippered closeable pet carrier that is made out of water-resistant red, blue, or pink fabric and durable nylon with rubber like mesh in the front, top, and rear of the pet carrier. The bottom compartment of the discount pet strollers features rubber mesh wrapping around the front and sides to prevent your items from falling out. The pet carrier cover has two layers so it can be fully closed, opened with a mesh covering for ventilation, or fully open so your pet can look out.

Inside, the dog carrier stroller includes a removable, washable pad that fits in the bottom of the dog pink stroller. The pet carrier has two removable, adjustable shoulder straps which allow it to be easily carried and also double as the securing device to the pet stroller. Place the dog carrier stroller in your front or back seat and strap it around the head rest so your pet can ride safely. The pet carrier then fits onto the steel pet stroller unit which includes two drink holders, a tray, and a braking system on the back wheels for parking, making this one of the most versatile discount pet strollers on the market. The dog pink stroller also has a folding frame for easy storage and transport (carrier section does not collapse but may be removed). These quality dog carrier strollers do it all, only available for a limited time at these discount wholesale price! Get your paws on this dog pink stroller now!

26-1/2" (23-1/2" wheelbase)
30 lbs.

Product Features

  • All-in-one design operates as a pet stroller, pet carrier, and dog car seat
  • 4 pockets on the pet carrier bag
  • Stylish, Red, Pink, or Blue water-resistant fabric and nylon construction with rust-resistant steel frame
  • Removable, washable bottom pad keeps your pet dry in case of an accident
  • Adjustable shoulder straps on carrier also secure the carrier to the stroller or seat of a car
  • Secure and comfortable for your dog, cat, or other pet
  • Carrier can be used with the top open, closed or with a mesh covering for ventilation
  • Two car seat positions for use in back or front seats
  • Frame folds down for storage (carrier section does not collapse but may be removed)
  • Includes rear wheel brakes
  • Dense foam wheels with plastic rims
  • Includes attached inside leash
  • Carrier Height 13-1/2"
  • Carrier Length 20"
  • Carrier Width 13"
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Choose the Correct Pet Ramp
How to Keep your Dog Safe in the Car Helps Promote Animal-Assisted Therapy with Donation to Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses

Review Summary (Based on 32 Reviews)


5 Stars Queen Guinevere

Natalie from TX wrote (September 24, 2017):

Brought it for my 8lb black and white one year old cat she loves it still getting use to the car part of it but really like that its easy to use and folds up and leaves my hands free and shoulder free from the weight and shes loves going to the park in it and being pushed around just wish i had had one years ago when i had my senior cats

5 Stars Lame pet dog.

Jim from MA wrote (August 11, 2017):

My dog became lame in both rear legs. I had to carry him everywhere multiple times a day. He weighs 26 lbs. and it was a chore. This pet stroller/carrier is perfect for our needs. My dog loves it and so do I. It is a well thought out design that is user friendly. I can take him outside for a stroll, take him out to do his business, and when I need to climb stairs his carrier detaches from the stroller. What more can you ask for. I love this product.

5 Stars We love it!

Jane from VA wrote (April 29, 2017):

This carrier/stroller is great and I want another one already! We have seven cats and rarely take just one to the vet at a time so I thought some wheels would make life a bit easier (particularly for our big 20lb boy). Like another reviewer, I didn't want a standard stroller as I was worried about the risk of someone escaping, so I was really pleased to find this one. I used it for the first time today for a trip to the vet, and the lucky cat who got the opportunity to try it first was the one who is the most difficult to put inside the hard carriers we usually use. The top of this carrier opens all the way and it was so easy to place her inside and lift her out at the veterinary surgery (a nice change from dismantling the usual carriers to get them out!). It's big enough for her to turn around in, and I opened the back flap so she could see out of there as well (this time I left the top covered). It was easy to push the stroller and hold the other cat carrier, much better than carrying two! I really like the tray under the carrier, it was great to have somewhere to put my purse, bag etc. rather than have them hanging over a shoulder and in the way while holding two carriers. I used it as a carrier from the house to the car and it was fine - I then used the wheels for the walk from the car to the veterinary surgery. The stroller was shipped quickly and was almost completely assembled when it arrived - it was very easy to do the rest. I will return for another!

5 Stars Purrfect Carrier/Stroller.....

Linda from KS wrote (March 18, 2017):

I LOVE this new carrier/stroller and so does Zachary!! He is my Maine Coon mix and he's a big boy(16#) and it was so difficult for me to carry him in his hardsided carrier when going to the vet. I found this and had to get it and it is PURRFECT! I can strap the carrier into the front seat and know that he's safe in the even that I have to slam the breaks on AND it's so much easier to get him into the vet's office. They vet techs love it too and love to push him in the office! He loves it while in the office cause he sits up higher in the stroller so makes him more comfortable around dogs in the office too! Absolutely one of the BEST purchases I've made for my cats!!! My only thing is I wish I had found it sooner!! :)

5 Stars Pet Safety is a priority for us.

Flo from PA wrote (July 27, 2016):

I wanted a carrier for our cats that could be used in the car and out. A stroller is the easiest way to move them, but I was concerned about having to take them out of the stroller to put them into the car. This combo stroller is the answer! This carrier can be used as a stroller or a car seat! Overall, It was easy to assemble. The hardest part was sliding the wall supports into their slots. I can't wait to take the cats for a walk as part of my exercise routine. The only thing I would suggest is a platform above the lower basket to set the carrier on. Also, the instruction manual needs some editing. There were many spelling and punctuation mark errors.

5 Stars Great Product - Great Customer Service

Laurie from NY wrote (January 18, 2016):

I bought this product because I have severe nerve damage in my back and have trouble taking my cats to the vet. The stroller is easy to handle and has great safety features. It is also not very heavy so I can fold it up and put it in my car. The detachable carrier is made very well, too. The first one I ordered had a defect and when I called customer service and told them about it, they replaced it immediately. I also did not have to ship the first one back--they told me to use it for spare parts. It is hard to find good customer service these days and this company is GREAT!

5 Stars BEST Stroller for Cat Shows!

Laurie from MI wrote (October 11, 2015):

Finally got to use my stroller this weekend for big cat show! What a pup!!! LOVE THIS THING. Kitty was all snug and safe inside and I did not have to make kitty unsafe at any moment....we went house to carrier,,,carrier to stroller, stroller to car,,,car to stroller, stroller to inside cat show....Voila! LOVE IT! I am buying another one NOW for second show kitty. Thanks for making the perfect stroller!

5 Stars Simply love it!

Cakes Bointy from OK wrote (September 30, 2015):

Received stroller this morning and let me say that it is a wonderful product and it got here in a hurry. If down the road I need another when I know where to come too.

5 Stars Comfortable Ride For My Fur Babies

Darcy from AZ wrote (August 30, 2015):

This is the best idea of combining a carrier and stroller into one! I can transport my Shih Tzu and Maltese in the same carrier, then put the carrier onto the stroller base to wheel them around. This saves me from having two carriers and a stroller, plus it saves my arms from the 20 lbs of both puppies! They love riding around in the stroller and it keeps them cool on those hot summer days, plus will keep their paws from getting wet when there is rain!

5 Stars I love this stroller!

Cindy from AL wrote (August 28, 2015):

I bought this stroller in order to carry my 2 cats to the vet. One cat fits fine in any type of carrier; the other cat, however, is rather large and muscular. The handle on the hard carriers tend to break with him, and the sift carriers give him no support making him "nervous". I cannot handle a hard carrier large enough to hold him. This stoller was AWESOME! He took right to it! No crying in the car. No fussing at the vet's when it came time to load back up! He got all comfy and let all kinds of people look at him........he usually tends to be a bit grouchy. Cannot wait to use it again! By the is easy to fold and store.

5 Stars Pet Carrier/Stroller/Car Seat for up to 30 lb pet

Susan from GA wrote (August 15, 2015):

I am so pleased with this purchase. My cat is 25+ lbs, and since I have arthritis in my wrists, I can no longer carry my cat(s) in my regular carriers when I need to take them to the vet. The carrier part is so much easier to get my cat into since the opening is much larger and on the top. It is everything I needed, and more. I am really shocked I was able to find such a combination (it is the ONLY one I found that the carrier detaches from the stroller), and that the quality is outstanding for the price I paid. It was a cinch to put together considering it was almost done when I received it. Even though I had to pay for shipping, the price was still GREAT.

5 Stars Great Product

Sheryl from CA wrote (August 08, 2015):

Shipping was super fast, no instructions but I was able to put it together in minutes. Very well made. I have two 14 pound cats and it was getting to be too much to take them both to the vet in the carrier. I needed something with wheels but that could easily fit in the backseat. This is perfect because the carrier detaches from the stroller. I love it. I have yet to introduce it to the cats but i'm sure they'll love it too (until they have to go to the vet). It it pretty roomy and when I take them in the car they huddle together and don't need much space. I love the little cushion on the bottom and the little strap on the top that snaps to keep the top vent open. They though of everything!

5 Stars Happy Customer!!!

Linda from NC wrote (July 30, 2015):

I was looking for a new stroller for my Shih Tzu, and this multifunctional stroller is perfect! It makes my life much easier to transport my little dog in and out of the car.There is a few places I can put him in his stroller and take him in with me.I also like that it is a carry on.When I'm using it as a car seat and it is raining then I can zip it up and take him inside as a carry on without him ever getting wet!! This stroller came in red,which is more noticeable and will alert people around us. Thank you!!

4 Stars Just what I've been looking for!

Beth from WI wrote (June 30, 2015):

yes! Now I can easily take more than one cat at a time to the vet! Safe car travel in the carrier, no removing the cats to attach to the stroller portion! Safe, secure, and easy to use! The only reason this isn't five stars is because there were no assembly instructions and took a bit of frustration to get it all together. Worth every penny.

5 Stars The perect cat carrier/stroller in one!!!!

Pat from CA wrote (June 27, 2015):

This is the end all for us cat owners who have had to lug our cat in a carrier to the vet's office. Well I now have two cats-brothers who usually go to the vet at the same time. Try carrying two cat carriers. It is a very huge feat even with each of them being under 10 pounds etc. They just keep getting heavier as I walk to the vet. And the poor boys are traumatized with my swinging them back and forth. This is the perfect one for cats as I can keep both of them in the one carrier. Attach the carrier to the stroller and easily push them to the car. I can then remove the carrier from the stroller, collapse the stroller and put it into the trunk. Arrive at the vet, get the stroller out and open it--again with ease and place the carrier into position. And push them easily to the vet's office. This has been a lifesaver! I just put it together==tossed in some toys and the cats then had great fun jumping in and out of it. Next day I zipped them in, and I pushed them around the house. Next day, went for a walk. So funny and they loved it. I'm simply thrilled. Chose the blue--and its a great color, but would choose red next time as it would be more noticeable for cars when out on a walk.

5 Stars Great product

Blake Fisher from NV wrote (June 26, 2015):

Has other strollers in the past. This one is the best and my girls love it. Thank you.

5 Stars Great Buy

Ann from CA wrote (June 25, 2015):

I bought this pet carrier for my 21 lb cat. He is too big to carry in a regular crate anymore. The carrier is roomy, and gave him enough room to sit and lie down. The buggy was great for taking him to and from the vets office. It was easy for me to strap him into the car and then collapse the buggy part. Very handy and seems very well made. I was even able to place another cat carrier on top when I was rolling them into the vet's office.

4 Stars Great value

Giovanna from NJ wrote (June 22, 2015):

I purchased this stroller for my elderly parents (both in their 90's) who recently got a puppy. They love their morning walks but found the pup got tired on the way back and they had to carry her. The stroller was the perfect solution. They can even bring their water bottles and cell phones.

5 Stars Awesome

Becky from GA wrote (June 02, 2015):

Just received the stroller. Feels sturdy, looks great, has storage and rolls along smoothly on our side walk and the grass. This is going to make traveling with our miniature Snauzcher so much easier.

5 Stars Combo Pet Stroller, Carrier & Car Seat

JayTee from CA wrote (May 16, 2015):

Sturdy, quality material but light overall weight makes for easy handling. The ability to close off, open, or partially open the pet's vAiewing window is a plus for shy or anxious pets. Top loading is much more natural, easy, and comfortable for the pet -- rather than stuffing a pet into a small side-loading access opening. The carrier attaches & removes from the stroller with ease, and the wheels provide a smooth, quiet ride. The stroller shelf under the carrier is an added plus. In this carrier my large cat was comfortable and I enjoyed a 50 mile car ride to transport my pet without the pleading meows that accompanied every trip in his prior, traditional soft-sided carrier. Open the carrier and allow it to air out for up to 2 weeks to get rid of the "new car smell."

5 Stars Love It!!!

Krystal from MO wrote (April 28, 2015):

I love how easy it is to use and saves alot money on buying each piece separately! I love how easy it is to put together each time I use it. I will say the pockets on it need to be farther up if you want to use them especially for dishes and larger items. Also maybe a deeper shelf on the bottom. Other than those few things it is perfect!

5 Stars Model Pet-STR-17-Blue

Debbie from TX wrote (April 03, 2015):

Wow! Fantastic product. We bought 2, one in blue and one in red. They are fantastic. Light weight, completely easy to put together and take apart, especially at my age were arthritis is such a problem. They work great, because the dogs are completely secure, very well made and durable. The carrying case has lots of ventilation, love being able to take water along and have a place for it to set in and not fall out, lots of pockets for treats, great for travel and store owners will actually let you take your pets in to shop with you, because your pets are not running loose. Went to New Orleans and for the first time I got to relax on the trip because I was able to secure my the pets in the carrier and they were not able to jump back and forth from front to back seat while traveling. Having this stroller was so nice because it had everything I needed, even a place for me to put my purse. Everywhere I went, people stopped me and asked where I got them. They also roll really well on the concrete, totally love this product. Thank you.

5 Stars Pet Stroller

Rani from FL wrote (March 27, 2015):

Bought this on behalf of someone and she absolutely loved it. Even her cat likes it and likes to curl up in it when being transported. I called Thursday evening and this was delivered to us by the following Wednesday in Toronto Canada. The gentleman I dealt with was very patient and super helpful. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend this product and Discount Ramps.

5 Stars Stroller carrier for pets

Jeanne from IL wrote (March 11, 2015):

Very easy to put together, my dog loves it. When I put him in the stroller he sat right down and waited for a ride. I ordered the stroller on a Monday morning and got it late Tuesday afternoon. This will come in very nicely for our trips to Florida

4 Stars Pet stroller/carrier/car seat

Jeanne from IL wrote (March 03, 2015):

Very quick delivery, placed the order on a Monday receoved the stroller on Wednesday. Stroller was very easy to put together took less than 15 minutes which included give my dog his 1st ride in it. Built in leash attaches great to a harness with a back clip.

5 Stars Deluxe Folding Pet Stroller

Mary Lou Ocheltree from WA wrote (January 12, 2015):

Bought this stroller for wait for the transit bus and wanted my Shasha to be warm during the cold weather. She is small and wanted protection for her if the weather gets too nasty for she is a companion service dog. Love how it is design and will protected, for she can still get her exercise, except be in the stroller when we are waiting for the bus or there is a bad ice, sleet, or snow. She always want to be with me. This stroller was so easy to put together and did not take even a half an hour only a few minutes. People that saw the stroller just loves it and it will be will used. I recommend this product and is worth the cost. Glad it was on sale.

5 Stars Excellent stroller for my cats!

Tara from NJ wrote (December 12, 2014):

It arrived in just a few days and was very easy to put together! To me the best part is the fact that it's so boy Maine Coons are big! At the same time, it's light, easy to folds easily, the visor easily goes on & off, the carrier part is easy to "attach" (it just sits on top of the bin underneath & straps to secure, and the ride is very quiet & smooth. I got the navy blue which I like very much. The only thing I wish is that it had mesh on the sides as well for my kitties to look out, but I have not been able to find that in any 3-in-one carrier/stroller. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars Excellent Value and Quality

cyndi from AZ wrote (October 31, 2014):

My order arrived without any delays or missing parts. I was able to snap on the front wheels and the stroller was ready to roll. This stroller will definitely fit my small and dog and cat for our walks. I did a lot of research and this stroller is definitely the best value for the money.

5 Stars Pet Stroller

Roberta from MO wrote (October 07, 2014):

It arrived in a timely fashion. It was easy to assemble. I bought it for my cat. I took my him for a stroll and he seemed to like it; especially when I took him for a stroll outside the building. This is the only way I can take him out of my apartment. I am very please with it, and Speed will get to go out more often. I am glad I purchased this pet stroller and I would recommend for anyone with a cat or a small dog that has trouble walking (due to arthritis).

5 Stars Great Stroller

Rose from NJ wrote (September 26, 2014):

Great stroller. My dog loves it!!!

4 Stars review of pet stroller

Dottie from AL wrote (September 23, 2014):

this is a very nice stroller--I had purchased one twice the price and it fell apart in two months. wheels in this one seem to be a better grade and all the body portion seems nicer

5 Stars Perfect combo stroller

Eric from MI wrote (July 03, 2014):

This stroller covers stroller, kennel cage, and carseat all in one for less than the price of each individual item. Also, has extras that others don't come with, such as sunshade and underneath storage. Well built and also nicely collapses. Great value!

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