Dog pickup truck restraints

Our doggie catcher dog pickup truck restraint system is the perfect solution for your pets safety while traveling in a truck bed, sport utility vehicle, boat or plane. This dog pickup truck restraint system will protect your pet and you if you have to suddenly hit the brakes or if you are involved in a car accident.

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The "Doggie Catcher" dog pickup truck restraint device designed to help protect you and your pet while traveling in a pick up truck bed, sport utility vehicle, boat or plane. This pet restraint system with its quick link attaching system connects to any eyelet, seat mount or other SECURE anchoring point in your vehicle. The pick up truck dog restraint is the perfect way to travel with your dog in the back of your truck and not worry about him leaping out to chase a cat. The dog pickup truck restraint also protects your pet if the driver had to suddenly slam on the brakes or if the vehicle was involved in a car accident. It also protects the occupants of the vehicle because in an accident without a dog restraint your pet may become a object that could hit and injure the passengers of the vehicle. The doggie catcher attaches easily to your pet's harness. For your pet's safety, Veterinarians recommend this product to be used with a harness. Click here to see the dog seat belt restraint for cars and the inside of trucks.

Doggie catcher dog pickup truck restraint system for securing pets in a truck bed, SUV, boat, or plane

Product Features

  • You can bolt down a footmans loop to the center or middle of the truck bed.
  • Attach a chain between the tie downs and connect a "quick link" through the middle chain link (the Doggie Catcher is intended to secure to the chain - not slide the length of the chain).
  • You can secure an eye-bolt in the middle of the truck bed with proper components
  • For sport utilities, it attaches easily to existing tie downs in the cargo area.
  • For airplanes and boats, it attaches easily to any secure point that the "quick link" can connect to.

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