Door Threshold Rubber Ramp
Door Threshold Ramp

Our rubber threshold ramp is designed to eliminate up to 2 1/2" rises that make using wheelchairs, scooters or power chairs difficult. Perfect for use at home, at work, or anyplace where mobility is an issue. Includes 3 cable channels for hiding wires or cables which might affect mobility. Made from tough molded rubber with a non-slip textured surface for good traction. Can be used in all weather conditions.

  • Molded rubber door threshold ramp
  • Textured surface for best traction
  • 24" long x 42" wide
  • Accommodates a 2 1/2" rise
  • Includes 3 cables channels
  • 600 lb capacity
  • Weighs 44 lbs

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3 Channel Door Threshold Ramp for pedestrians, scooters, mobility power chairs, and wheelchairs. Enables easy transition to a 2-1/2" elevated surface. High traction surface and rubber construction designed for any weather condition.


The DH-UP-8 Door Threshold Ramp enables pedestrians, power chairs, scooters, and wheelchairs to easily access doorways with a 2-1/2" rise. Each doorway ramp features a textured surface for added traction and includes (3) integrated channels for running cables, wires, and hoses underneath. Made with quality rubber material, works great in any weather condition. Includes a 1 year Manufacturer's warranty.

3-Channel door threshold ramp - Great for mobility scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, and pedestrian traffic
3/4", 1-1/8", & 1-1/4"
44 lbs
600 lbs

Product Features

  • Great for pedestrian traffic, power chairs, scooters, and wheelchairs
  • Provides a 2-1/2" rise for easy transitions to the elevated surface
  • Textured surface for added traction
  • (3) Channels for running cables, wires and hoses underneath
  • Rubber construction ideal for any weather condition
  • 1 year Manufacturer's warranty

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