Drag Chain

With a length of 16-1/2' the Heavy Duty Drag Chain is great for hauling branches, logs and other debris from the trails during ATV and UTV excursions. Featuring a clevis lug link and grab hook, attaching the drag chain to objects can be easily done. Includes a convenient storage bag for transportation and compact storage. One year manufacturer's warranty.

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Developed for pulling, towing and recovery applications Thrust Offroad Accessories Heavy Duty Drag Chain is outstanding for hauling debris off of the trails and is suitable for recovery equipment. The clevis lug link loop design provides a strong anchor point with a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 2500 KG (5511.55 lbs). The Drag Chain is long enough (16.5') to securely wrap around an object allowing the grab hook to hook onto the chain. Attached with cotter pins, the clevis lug link and grab hook can be detached if necessary. In situations where straps may tear or rip, dragging objects over rough surfaces where abrasion occurs or wrapping around sharp objects, the steel Drag Chain is ideal. 5/16" Grade 70 chain links offer a WLL of 4700 lbs. When not in use conveniently store the chain away with the included storage bag. Featuring a Velcro strap on one handle, Velcro both handles together creating hassle-free transportation and compact storage. Don't let obstructions on the trails such as fallen tree branches stop you dead in your tracks. Loop the Drag Chain around the object and drag it off to the side to continue on the trail. Includes one year manufacturer's warranty.

Drag Chain - Move obstructions from the trails such as fallen branches and logs with the Heavy Duty Drag Chain
5/16" (8mm links)
4,700 lbs
16.3 lbs

Product Features

  • Rugged steel 16-1/2' chain
  • 5/16" Grade 70 chain with Working Load Limit (WLL) of 4700 lbs
  • Forged carbon steel clevis lug link and grab hook
  • Clevis lug link WLL of 2500 KG (5511.55 lbs)
  • Easy to store away and carry with included storage bag
  • Great for pulling debris off the trails, recovery and similar applications with 4x4 vehicles
  • Permanently labeled with WLL, Grade (G70) and chain size (8mm)
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

**NOT for overhead lifting**

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