5-Channel Yellow Jacket Cable Protector for 1" diameter cables

Whether in the warehouse or at the local park for your company picnic, keep five cables, power cords, hoses and pipes up to 1" diameter separated, organized and protected with an electric cord cover that withstands up to 32,600 lbs while preventing pedestrian stumbles or falls. A hinged, yellow safety lid makes it easier to remove or replace cords and increases visibility for vehicle or foot traffic. It also protects from the elements and decreases the risk of shorting.

  • Protects cables and cords up to 1" diameter
  • Withstands up to 32,600 lbs
  • Five channels for separate electrical cables
  • Weighs only 28.2 lbs
  • Male & female "dog bone" connectors for interlocking sections
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These durable polyurethane cable covers are used to lengthen the life of five separate cables, cords, hoses, or pipes up to 1" in outside diameter. A hinged, yellow lid makes it easier to remove or replace cords. The lid not only prevents a tripping hazard, but it also keeps rain, snow, and slush away from the cables that may cause a short. Any desired amount of cable protectors can be interlocked with the male and female "Dog-Bone" connectors. The thick lid and base are designed to withstand a high volume of traffic that is seen in industrial, commercial, and public settings. All Yellow Jacket branded cable covers are proudly made in the USA.

32,600 lbs
28.2 lbs
Dog Bone

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