Harmar Heavy-Duty Electric Power Chair & Scooter Lift & Carrier - 400 lb Capacity
Outside Lift With Q-Straint Straps & A Rear Wheel Cradle For Scooters

The mobility carrier is designed to lift and carry both power chairs and scooters. With a 400 lb weight limit, virtually all mobility products can be used on the AL300HD.


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3 Year Warranty USA Curt Trailer Configurator

The heavy duty fusion lift from Harmar is designed to lift and carry scooters and power wheelchairs. The electric wheelchair lift fits Class II or III hitch receivers and comes with a Class III adapter. The 27-1/2" x 39" aluminum deck contains a cradle that extends up to 46". The cradle holds the back wheels of a scooter in place while four Q-Straint straps secure the front section. The four straps, marked in Harmar blue, contain flat J-hooks that easily hook around a solid base on the scooter or wheelchair. Once hooked, retractors tighten and lock the straps into place. Unlike other mobility carriers, no modifications are needed to the power chair or scooter. With a 400 lb capacity, most mobility vehicles weigh within the carrier limits. In the rare case of a power failure, a manual back-up crank is provided to keep the lift functional. When the fusion lift is not in use, the aluminum platform folds up toward the bumper to make it easier when parking the vehicle. A raised mount was designed into the lift to allow others to see the license plate. The heavy duty lift is proudly designed and made in the USA and comes with a transferable 3 year warranty.

Harmar uses Blue Touch Technology to help in the process of securing mobility scooters and chairs. Every item used in securing a power chair or scooter is marked in Harmar blue.

400 lbs
82 lbs
Class II or III

Product Features

  • Self-tensioning Q-Straint retractors
  • Single switch operation
  • Aluminum deck with an adjustable cradle for scooters
  • Folds up when empty
  • Manual back-up crank
  • License plate mount
  • No power chair or scooter modifications required
  • Included Class III hitch adapter
  • Max Hitch Height With Swing Away 17" (For hitches higher than 17" use the 5" Drop Adapter)
  • Transferable 3 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Carrier Carrying Capacity: The AL300HD is designed to safely carry 400 lbs
  • Hitch Weight Limit: Most Class II hitches are rated for 300 lbs; most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs
  • Vehicle Hauling Capacity: Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load
  • Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension to prevent sagging
  • Please check with your dealer to find out your vehicle's carrying capacity
  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers and camping trailers
  • NOT designed to lift scooters while occupied


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