Black Widow Essential ATV Shop Kit
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Available only from Discount Ramps, the Essential ATV Shop Kit includes everything you need to keep your ATV trail ready:

  • Black Widow ATV center jack
  • Shop seat
  • Orange ratchet strap kit
  • Shop light
  • Tire deflators
  • Battery Tender Jr.

From regular maintenance to repairs or prepping your ATV for storage, this essential kit is a cost-effective tool to keep your ATV in prime condition all year.

ATV Essential Shop Kit Includes

Each ATV kit includes the necessities for effective maintenance, cleaning and prepping of your ATV:

Black Widow Hydraulic ATV Center Jack - Essential Kit Exclusive

The Black Widow Hydraulic ATV Jack (#BW-0101) boasts a 1,500-lb weight capacity, easily lifting most ATVs on the market. Incredibly user-friendly, this hydraulic jack features a foot operated pedal which lifts your ATV 4-7/8" to 16" high. This ATV jack comes equipped with multiple safety features, including a three-position safety lock, non-slip rubber pads on the lift saddle and a removable jack handle for compact storage when not in use. Four integrated tie down strap loops allow you to further secure your ATV to this jack. Cleaning and maintenance of your ATV has never been easier!

Black Widow Shop Seat

The Black Widow Shop Seat (#BD-Seat) is a must-have in any DIY garage! Comfortable and kind to your back and joints, this mechanics stool gives you the ability to easily work on your ATV and other machines without having to kneel or bend over. Swiveling wheels glide along the floor and the seat itself is padded and also rotates 360°. The tray under the seat serves as a handy place to store small tools and parts for easy accessibly.

4-Pack Orange Ratchet Straps with S-Hooks

Measuring 1" x 6', this 4-pack of Orange Ratchet Straps (#VH-Strap-R-O) are perfect for securing your ATV to a jack or a trailer for transportation. With a 3,000-lb break strength and a 1,000-lb working load limit, these straps are perfect for all ATV models. Each strap also features vinyl coated S-hooks – preventing accidental scratching while in use.

Rechargeable Shop Light

The Apex Rechargeable Shop Light (#RWL-01-V2) features 60 LED lights, providing bright light where you need it most. Portable and featuring a 4-5 hour run time, this light comes with a 120V wall charger and a 12V car charger.

Tire Deflators

The Apex Tire Deflators (#TIRE-DEFLATOR-V2) will fine tune the wheels of your ATV or other 4-wheeler for better performance and a softer ride across all terrain. These deflators easily thread onto valve stems to quickly lower your air pressure. They easily lock into place and come with a handy carrying case for easy storage when not in use.

Battery Tender Jr.

The Deltran Battery Tender Jr. (#022-0192) efficiently charges a dead, drained ATV battery. This charger features a safety timer, four-step charging program and two-color LED indicator which reflects the current charging status. Handy for charging your batteries to prepare for the upcoming season, or for maintaining a full charge during the off-season, this battery tender is a valuable accessory for any 4-wheel owner.

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