Classic Accessories Expandable ATV Cover


Whether you need to cover 1-up or 2-up ATVs, the Classic Accessories Expandable ATV Cover will do the job.


The Expandable ATV Cover from Classic Accessories has all the bells and whistles! Made from a heavy-duty ProtekX™ fabric the cover has a unique zippered expansion panel so it is able to fit both 1-up and 2-up ATVs. For even more expansion there is a zip-out storage envelope to accommodate ATVs with rear cargo areas. Unlike most covers the expandable cover even fits over all four tires for even more protection while in storage. You are ensured a snug, custom-like fit due to the sewn in tension panel and strap system that allows the cover to fit securely around your ATV. The integrated trailering system has built-in adjustable straps and side-release buckles. Two built-in air vents cut down on air lofting while trailering and reduces moisture build up when in storage. The cover comes in a discreet black color with a reflective safety triangle on the back, includes its own storage case, and features a two year warranty.

Expandable ATV Cover
1-up and 2-up ATVs
83" center zipped - 103" unzipped
50" unzipped
57" unzipped

Product Features

  • Fits 1-up or 2-up ATVs
  • Durable ProtekX™ Extreme Fabric
  • Windshield envelope
  • Zip-out storage envelope for ATVs with raised cargo areas
  • Elastic cord in bottom hem for a snug fit
  • Twin air ports allow moisture to escape and to reduce air lofting
  • Storage bag included
  • Unique expansion panel allows custom like fit
  • Completely covers tires
  • Front and rear slots for transport straps
  • Tension panel and strap system and "pass-through" grommets all for secure and snug fit while trailering
  • Built in quick adjusting straps and side release buckle
  • Reflective safety triangle printed on back
  • 2 year warranty


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