Extra Wide Folding Dog Ramp
Extra Wide Dog Ramps

If you have a larger dog who just doesn't get around the way he used to but is too large to lift into your vehicle, you don't have to leave him behind when you head out the door. These folding aluminum dog ramps are a convenient way to load your pet into your car, truck or van and won't take up a lot of space in your vehicle. As the widest-width pet ramp available, even dogs who are hesitant to climb will find the high-traction surface stable and safe. Choose from three lengths.

  • Folding aluminum design is lightweight and strong
  • For dogs weighing up to 250 lbs
  • Suitcase-style carrying with built-in handles
  • Grip tape surface for comfortable, sure footing
  • Widest usable width of any dog ramp
  • Available in three lengths, 6, 7, or 8 feet
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Width Folded
Weight Status Price Quantity
DR-06XW 72" 18-3/4" 36" 17 lbs
Ships today!
DR-07XW 82" 18-3/4" 41" 20 lbs
Ships today!
DR-08XW 96" 18-3/4" 48" 24 lbs
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These dog ramps are manufactured from aluminum and each has the ability to fold in half. The integrated handle and lightweight construction of the dog ramps offer easy transport and storage. These folding ramps are extra wide and they are available in three lengths!


Extra wide dog ramps are the apex of the dog ramp. At 18-3/4" wide, these dog ramps have the widest usable width of any dog ramp on the market today! The pet ramps are available in 6 foot, 7 foot, and 8 foot lengths - three common lengths needed for trucks, SUVs, and minivans. What makes these dog truck ramps unique is their ability to fold in half when not in use. Not only is the folding feature beneficial for storing your pet ramp, but it is also great for transporting and setting up the ramps when you're on the go. The folded lengths of the ramps are 48" for the 8 foot dog ramp, 41" for the 7 foot dog ramp, and 36" for the 6 foot dog ramp. These pet ramps include the industry standard integrated handle which allows the user to carry the ramp like a suitcase. To keep the ramp folded, there are securing straps on each end of the ramp which can be threaded together for safety during transport. With its lightweight aluminum construction, the extra wide dog ramps are durable and will never rust. The grip tape surface provides superior traction and a comfortable walking surface for your pet. The 2-3/4" plate style lip will ensure the ramp stays secure on the loading surface. These folding pet ramps were designed to be used at home or on the go, with the pet and owner in mind.

Grip Tape
250 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Strong hinges support large dogs
  • 2-3/4" plate style lip
  • Black grit coat traction surface provides excellent traction
  • Widest usable width of any dog ramp
  • Available in 3 lengths (6, 7, or 8 feet)
  • Folds in half and carries like a suitcase
  • Integrated handle and securing straps allow for easy storage and transport
  • Also available are folding aluminum pet ramps with a 15" usable width
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Not designed for human use


How to Choose the Correct Pet Ramp

Review Summary (Based on 18 Reviews)


5 Stars My Faithful Companion Got His Ride Back!

William from NC wrote (November 10, 2015):

My Husky/Shepard mix weighs about 65 lbs and is 12 years old, getting in and out of the truck has been tough on both of us, the extra wide ramp is great, very sturdy, quick to set up and easy on both of us! Great product and well made, highly recommend it. Thanks as it has made all the difference in the world to him, no more soreness from jumping down out of the floorboard of the truck.

5 Stars Perfect for my large dogs!

Julie from IN wrote (September 23, 2015):

I'm so glad that I bought the extra wide ramp. My 120 lb Lab went up and down nicely. Construction was pretty sturdy. Like the other reviews, I feel the edges are a bit sharp. Overall, a great choice!

5 Stars Nice ramp for older dogs

Stacey from PA wrote (May 31, 2015):

Bought this ramp because we have 2 older dogs. A 13 yr old Pit/Lab who has mobility issues, and an 11 yr old Lab with hip and tumor issues. Neither could get up in the car any more. After purchasing a truck and knowing we would not be able to lift our 100lb gentle giants in the car, we decided to buy a ramp so they could continue to travel and go camping with us. With hot dogs as a treat both dogs went up the ramp with very little assist. They were so excited to be going for a ride in the car/truck again. Both exited out of the truck with no issues. The lightness of the ramp is great and the grip tape helps them from sliding. Should have measured the door for our 2002 Chevy Silverado we can not open the door to get the full width of the ramp but it is wide enough even with the door in the way for the dogs to get into the truck. Ramp arrived quickly, very satisfied.

5 Stars Extra wide door folding ramp

Madeline from FL wrote (May 06, 2015):

We bought this ramp from Amazon and feel we made an excellent choice. This is our second ramp as we upgraded our truck and needed a longer ramp. Our two aging Siberian Huskies were used to the old ramp so this one worked out really well. We are avid RV campers with a 34ft tow along travel trailer. This Ramp works well on the tailgate of the truck and the dogs ride under the camper shell. We are happy that we went with a wider ramp this time too. Fantastic product.

5 Stars 7 ft Extra-Wide Ramp

Sandy from AZ wrote (April 07, 2015):

This ramp was just what I was looking for. My dogs are getting pretty old with the one starting to have hip problems. I was looking for a ramp that wouldn't bend or wobble as the dogs climbed the ramp into my x-terra. These ramps don't budge an inch. The construction is solid and the no-skid surface shows no sign of lifting after two years. The only teeny tiny complaint I could have is that the strap and buckle system to secure the two halves of the ramp when folded don't pull very tight. If the ramp is in an SUV (inside with you) it rattles mercilessly. However, a bungee cord takes care of this and it certainly isn't enough to take away the fifth star of this review. I will (and have) recommended this to others.

5 Stars Sturdy plus - Discount Ramps.com has The BEST customer service

Guin's Mom from FL wrote (March 28, 2015):

This review is of the 96" extra wide folding ramp. The review is going to be slightly different than most because unfortunately I had to return it. The product was very sturdy for a 100 lb Lab. It's heavy. The wider width was accurate. I wouldn't have minded an even longer length for my very apprehensive and overly cautious dog who basically did not want one part of it after numerous attempts to train him in that return period timeframe. We probably should have bought this when my dog was a pup and he probably would have taken to it better than try to introduce it now at age 10. Customer service is fantastic. The woman I spoke with to notify I'd be returning the item (and obtain and RMA) was very efficient, so helpful and really pleasant to deal with - a rare thing in customer service these days and for that I'll buy other items from this company again and recommend them.

5 Stars 8 ft ramp

Gail from TX wrote (March 13, 2015):

I purchased the 8 ft ramp for our Dobie. The ramp looks well constructed. I like having the carrying handle. The only improvement I would like to see is if it would close tighter. I have the strap as snug as it can go, but there's still a little gap. It's not enough to say 'don't buy it' though.

5 Stars Extra Wide Folding Dog Ramp - 8'

Kathy from TX wrote (February 24, 2015):

Great ramp. Nice design. Light weight, but very sturdy. Great for travel. Extra wide is perfect for our 100+ German Shephard.

5 Stars THIS DID IT !!!

Shirley from OR wrote (February 17, 2015):

Mofius is my Lab. He is 9 years old and occasionally has problems jumping into the Explorer. I bought this ramp and when it arrived it only took me 3 dog biscuits to get him to use it like a pro. He hates new things and this did the trick. This ramp is excellent and build extremely strong. No shaking or bending as he walks up it. So sturdy. He feels safe and loves it. Thank you so much and anybody interested in a dog ramp should buy this one. I bought the 6 ft one which is perfect. You won't be sorry if you get this at all.

5 Stars 8 foot folding ramp

Judie from CA wrote (February 13, 2015):

I live in a 35 foot fifth wheel the steps are really steep and my toy fox terrier had a problem getting up and down. This is the perfect fix for my problem and she learned to use it right away. THANKS discount ramps

4 Stars Extra Wide Dog Ramp

Pat Patton from NC wrote (February 12, 2015):

I am using this ramp for my 14 year old lab. It is great when taking him out because he can no longer maneuver the steps as well as when he was younger. I really like the longer length because the ramp is not too steep for him. My only suggestion would be that since the ramp is so long and folds in half that there would be some kind of locking mechanism so that the ramp would not be as bouncy when your pet first steps on it. Having an older dog this can be a little scary.

5 Stars Big Dog Ramp

Larry R. from CA wrote (January 24, 2015):

My gal and I have 3 old Labs. This ramp is solid and stable. It took a few tries to get the dogs to use it. But now they trot up and down it and save me from the back strain of lifting 3 x 100lb dogs into the bed of my F250. truck. The unit is well made and I expect it will outlive these dogs and their descendants!

5 Stars Extra wide folding ramp

Steven from OK wrote (January 22, 2015):

This is perfect I am a truck driver with a 100 pound lab he has no problem getting up and down in the truck. Thank you so much for offering this product its perfect.

5 Stars Wide Folding Ramp

Jay from CA wrote (January 15, 2015):

This is a sturdy easy to carry ramp. Our Golden had knee surgery and we needed to him in and out of the truck without lifting and risk injury. This ramp is solid without giving under his weight. Highly recommend -

5 Stars dog ramp

Ruth Roth from IA wrote (December 13, 2014):

100 pound Black Lab. Absolutely the best asset you can have for your Lab or Big Dog. Will save trauma to those hips from jumping. Purchase now you will never regret it.!!!

5 Stars Extra Wide 7 foot long aluminum dog ramp

Mario from TX wrote (November 28, 2014):

Great product. Light,Wide and Strong.I have a 160 lbs. Boerboel and it's easy for me to load him in and out the bed of my Dodge Ram.

5 Stars Big Dog Extra Wide & Extra Long Ramp!!

Larry from CA wrote (November 17, 2014):

This ramp is welded aluminum and is long and wide enough to load my old Labs into a tall 4x4 truck! It folds in half and has a sure grip surface. I am very happy with the product and the ease of purchasing.

4 Stars Extra wide 6ft aluminum dog ramp

Mary from PA wrote (September 27, 2014):

I don't have a dog. I bought the ramp to help me get my tennis ball machine in my SUV because I am unable to lift it into the car at the moment. It works great for my purpose. It had a couple of scratches that are noticeable because they were on the black top, but I kept it anyway because of the shipping cost to return it and I needed to use it now.

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