EZ-Access Pathway Modular Ramp Systems

Flexible Short or Long-Term Solutions to your Mobility Needs

Durable, dependable and American made, the EZ-Access Pathway Modular Ramps are a safe, convenient solution to your accessibility needs. Made of high-strength, rust-proof aluminum, the maintenance-free design promises reliable access in all weather conditions. With an emphasis on safety, your mobility ramp system will last through daily exposure to the elements and the permanent slip-resistant surface maintains excellent traction even in wet, muddy or snowy conditions.

Features and Benefits:
  • Easy assembly and virtually maintenance free
  • Manufactured from rust-proof aluminum
  • Weight capacity of 850-lbs per ramp/platform section
  • Ramps feature a standard width of 36", with length increments ranging from 1-10'
  • Permanent slip-resistant surface
  • No anchoring in concrete footings or pads required
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Custom ramp sizes are available

Item # Description Status Price Quantity
PATHWAYS04 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 4' 4
In Stock

PATHWAYS06 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 6' 6
In Stock

PATHWAYS08 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 8' 8
In Stock

PATHWAYS10 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 10' 4.6
In Stock

PATHWAYS12 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 12'
In Stock

PATHWAYS14 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 14'
In Stock

PATHWAYS16 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 16'
In Stock

PATHWAYS18 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 18'
In Stock

PATHWAYS20 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 20'
In Stock

PATHWAYS22 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 22'
In Stock

PATHWAYS24 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 24'
In Stock

PATHWAYS26 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 26'
In Stock

PATHWAYS28 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 28'
In Stock

PATHWAYS30 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo 30'
In Stock

PATHWAYSLP55 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo Landing Pad 5'X5'
In Stock

PATHWAYSPF55 EZ-ACCESS Pathway Solo Platform 5'X5'
In Stock

Incredible Safety Features, Easy Assembly and Custom Placement

The flexible bottom transition plate allows for easy ramp-to-ground transition on most surfaces, and the multi-positional base feet allow this system to be positioned anywhere. With innovative connectors between each section and flush finished sides, there are no nuts or bolts in the useable ramp area - eliminating trip hazards and creating a smooth pathway.

Because there are no concrete footings or anchoring required, this ramp system is easy to assemble and will not affect your home's overall property value. The included hardware and step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, ensuring hassle-free assembly. The Pathway Modular Ramps are designed to evolve with your changing mobility requirements, they are easily modified and reconfigured based on your current mobility needs. The Pathway Modular Ramps are covered by a lifetime warranty and our knowledgeable customer service representatives are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We also offer custom ramp widths and platform sizes to accommodate any residential home.

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