Aluminum 2-Piece Folding Motorcycle Ramp - 8', 9', 10', & 12' Long

Exclusively available from, the Aluminum 2-Piece Motorcycle Loading Ramp is the latest innovation in folding motorcycle ramp systems! The EZ Rizer consists of two 19" wide aluminum ramps in 8', 9', 10', or 12' lengths and features the innovative EZ Traction flat plate surface for the ultimate in non-slip grip. The two ramp pieces are secured together using clamps, creating a loading platform wide enough for you to safely drive your bike into the bed of a pickup truck. When separated, the ramp sections may be used as dual runner for loading four-wheeled vehicles up to 3,000 lbs.

  • Exclusive EZ Traction flat plate surface engineered for superior grip
  • Ramp system for cruisers, street bikes, choppers and more
  • Superior grade aluminum is lightweight yet strong
  • Two 19" wide ramps provide multiple configurations
  • Enough foot room to drive on or walk up
  • Allows one person to load motorcycle
  • Folds in half to just 5" high for easy handling and compact storage
  • Available in four lengths: 8', 9', 10', & 12'
Item # Length Folded Length Weight
Weight Status Price Quantity
MF2-9638-EZ 8' 48" 3,000 lbs 46 lbs (each)
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MF2-10838-EZ 9' 54" 3,000 lbs 51 lbs (each)
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Originally $559.99
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MF2-12038-EZ 10' 60" 3,000 lbs 53 lbs (each)
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Originally $639.99
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Save $80.00

MF2-14438-EZ 12' 72-1/2" 2,000 lbs 61 lbs (each)
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Originally $759.99
Sale $679.99
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For those looking to load touring bikes, cruisers, or sport bikes into a pickup truck or trailer, the two-piece motorcycle truck ramp is designed to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. With a combined platform width of 38", the EZ Rizer is wide enough for you to put both feet down on the ramp during loading, making it a safe, one-person operation.

Built for maximum versatility, the EZ Rizer folding motorcycle ramp is made up of two 19" wide ramps that can be used in several configurations. Use both sections secured together for drive-on loading of bigger, heavier motorcycles, or separate them into dual runners for loading four-wheeled vehicles. You can even use the sections as single runners when loading bikes with help from a friend. For the widest motorcycle loading ramp on the market, purchase an additional 19" wide EZ Rizer single runner ramp and attach it to your two-piece ramp. Quick connecting support brackets slide into place to secure the ramps together and reduce ramp flex for increased stability while loading.

The system is available in 8", 9", 10', and 12' lengths that fold in half to just 5" high for space-saving storage. Reinforced hinges create a 12° offset (when open) to form an arch providing greater clearance for loading longer or lower-profile bikes. Manufactured from high-strength aluminum, no individual ramp section weighs more than 61 lbs for simple portability.

A newly-designed, state-of-the-art EZ Traction flat-plate surface sets the EZ Rizer apart from all other motorcycle loading ramps on the market. Engineered and tested exclusively for EZ Rizer, the punched surface produces a superior grip to prevent wheels from spinning and slipping, even in wet or muddy conditions. You won’t find a motorcycle ramp surface with better grip than EZ Traction!

The attaching end of the ramp features a deep-lipped plate and hook combination lip that rests directly on the tailgate or trailer edge for the entire width of the ramp, so the EZ Rizer works well on just about any loading surface. The lip is padded with rubber underneath to prevent surface scratches and provide additional grip. At the bottom end, a tapered foot creates the proper angle for full contact with the ground, establishing the largest footprint possible for improved stability and support.

The EZ Rizer motorcycle loading ramp system includes two high-quality cam buckle tie-down straps that attach to a dedicated bracket on the underside of each ramp section. The safety straps prevent the ramp from kicking out during loading, and the straight brackets minimize wear and tear on the motorcycle tie-downs. Or, skip the tie-downs altogether using the optional Alumi-Loc Ramp Attaching System (sold separately). The Alumi-Loc mounts permanently to your truck and provides a quick way to secure the ramp’s hybrid plate/hook end to the vehicle, eliminating the need for safety straps.

The EZ Rizer two-piece motorcycle ramp is proudly manufactured in the USA by certified AWS welders to the highest quality standards and comes with a five-year warranty.

5" per ramp

Review Summary (Based on 5 Reviews)


5 Stars Sturdy and stable as a rock

Dave from MD wrote (September 27, 2015):

Was looking for a solid ramp to load bikes in and out of my F250 4X4 and this newly designed surface really caught my eye. I bought the 10' which is about 1' longer than what was recommended for my truck tailgate height. The stability of this ramp and the traction that your feet get is awesome. The way that the two ramps connect is very simple and quick. You can separate the ramps for ATV loading and unloading. When the bike is in the truck bed each ramp folds and slides between the bike and truck bed wheel well. The price was cheaper than a small towable trailer and transporting a bike in the back of your truck is much safer and less worry than a small open towable trailer. Your bike also stays cleaner up in your truck than behind your truck on an open trailer. The ramps are heavier than other designs but that adds to the stability of this ramp.

5 Stars a solid 5 stars

Jeff from TX wrote (June 11, 2015):

A nice next step in the evolution of motorcycle ramps

5 Stars New ramps

Bob Yount from CT wrote (May 12, 2015):

Love it. Easily loaded & unloaded generator the first day.

5 Stars Big Boy EZ Rizer 12

Randy from AZ wrote (May 01, 2015):

I needed some M/C ramps to load my 2008 Goldwing into my Ford F250 long bed. These ramps are easy to set up, sturdy and wide enough for me to ride my M/C up into the bed without any problem. Backing down was a peice of cake too. I highly recommend these ramps. I got the 12', two section wide ramps (total 38" wide) which was plenty.

5 Stars Awesome loading ramps!

Jeff T. from UT wrote (January 30, 2015):

We had some solid trifold ramps that were 6.5' by 44" since Spring of 2009. We have been looking for 8' long solid ramps to load the toys. Found Discount Ramps, the website was easy and helpful, was going to buy the 7'10' long solid tri fold ramps. Called Brittany B, this lady knows her stuff. She rides so she uses the products. She quizzed me about what we were going to be using the ramps for then suggested these ramps. The ramps are Awesome! They are bullet proof very easy to use, compact when folded but 10' long when in use. My wife will now load the toys by herself which never did happen before. The loading angle is awesome! The ramps are light weight but STURDY! One person can maneuver them easy. Easily secure to the truck with the straps that came with the ramps. The width is 19" per ramp which makes loading and unloading ATV's very easy and safe. When attached together you have 38" which is more than enough to load motorcycles safely and easy. The clamps that came with the ramps are so easy to use and they hold the ramps very secure. Our "Little Helpers" ( Grandkids) that are 5 and 8 put the clamps in and secure them for us. The ramps are AMERICAN MADE and Very Well built. Wish we would have found about Discount Ramps 4 years ago when we first started looking for longer ramps. I had some concerns about the ramps being taken off our front door step due to a package being taken a week prior to ordering the ramps. Brittany followed up on the delivery and made sure that all the boxes had arrived and were in tack. The ramps were in stock and shipped the next day. The ramps came two days earlier than expected. Only one problem though my neighbors want to borrow them to load things in the back of their trucks. Thank you Discount Ramps for the superior products and professional service. I will and do definitely recommend your company and products.