Wall Mounted Fishing Rod Holders

Store your fishing poles, filet knife, lures, and pliers with the wall-mounted fishing rod holders. These rod holders from Harbor Mate come in sets of two or three and mount to fishing boat side walls, garages, pier fencing, and more!

  • 10-3/4" rod holders with slots for locking in fishing rods with reels
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Pre-cut lure hanging holes
  • Filet knife holder
  • False bottoms for drainage
  • Wall Mounted
  • Includes stainless steel hardware
  • Tube Diameter is 1-1/4"
Item # Capacity Length Weight Status Price Quantity
RH-PT-DBL 2 8-3/4" 12 oz
Ships today!

RH-PT-TRP 3 12-5/8" 16 oz
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These plastic rod holders come with two or three sleeves for holding your favorite fishing rods. An open notch allows poles with reels to safely slide into the holder and lock in when not in use. Each tube has an empty bottom section to prevent water build-up and damage to fishing poles. Pre-drilled holes are available for mounting to a side wall, garage, truck, or pier. Stainless steel screws are provided. Cut-outs provide storage for lures and a cleaning knife. A cut-out for pliers is available with the 3-piece set only. The boat rod holders are safe for fresh and salt water.


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