Heavy Duty Flatbed Strap

Ensure cargo is secure to your trailer or flat bed truck with this 4" wide ratchet strap that has a flat hook on each end. The strap is 35' long to fit large, bulky cargo, and the ratchet has a wide steel handle for leverage.

  • 35' long ratchet strap
  • Flat hook end
  • 15,000 lb break strength and 5,000 working load capacity
  • Steel handle on ratchet
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1 Year Warranty


Heavy duty 4" wide, flat hook ratchet straps, great for tying down cargo to flatbed trailers and trucks. Large 15,000lb maximum break strength and 5,000lb working load limit. Measures 35' long.


Tie down large, bulky and heavy cargo to trailers or flat bed trucks with these 4" wide flatbed straps. These heavy duty ratchet straps feature flat hooks at each end of the 35' long strap, and large, 5" wide ratchet handles to make cinching down a load easy. Safe to use with very heavy loads, these heavy duty truck straps have a 15,000 lb breaking strength (5,000 lb working load limit). A 1 year manufacturer's warranty comes included. Looking for a different hook type? These ratchet straps are also available with J-hooks.

4" x 35' Flat Hook Ratchet Strap
15,000 lb
14 lbs
5,000 lb

Product Features

  • Perfect for securing cargo loads to flatbed trailers or trucks
  • 15,000lb Maximum break strength and 5,000lb working load limit to safely tie down very heavy loads
  • 35' Length for use with large or bulky cargo
  • Large, 5" wide steel handle on ratchet provides maximum leverage
  • Heavy duty 3¾" flat hook lip
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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