3-Channel Left Turn Guardian Cable Protector for 2.5" diameter cables
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Three-channel 22.5° left turn cable connector enables you to curve your system around obstacles. This left turn piece connects to other pieces with an easy-to-use tab system.

  • Protects up to three 2.5" cables or wires from any type of traffic
  • Heavy-duty rubber construction weighs 11 lbs
  • Withstands up to 24,000 lbs per axle
  • Pair with left or right turn pieces
  • Uses an interlocking tab system to connect additional straight or curved pieces

Attaches to the three-channel Guardian cable protector ramp to create a 22.5° turn. Can be used with multiple curve sections to make larger curves if needed. Requires four left curve sections to create a 90° turn. Use these left curve cable ramp sections to direct cables around posts, racks, and other objects. Male and female interlocking tabs secure the left turn pieces to the end of the Three-Channel Guardian Cable Protector. Like the Floor Cable Protector, the left curve sections have three channels for 2.5" diameter hoses and cables. A commercial-grade rubber base along with a yellow PVC lid gives the left turn cable protector section the ability to support up to 12,000 lbs per wheel. Both the base and lid of the left turn section have raised treads, providing extra traction for vehicles and pedestrians going over the cable ramp. With every cable protector turn section, a one-year manufacturer warranty is included.

24,000 lbs per axle
11 lbs
4.5" short side
12" long side

Product Features

  • Use to guide hoses and cables around racks, posts, and other objects
  • Interlocking tabs link the turn section to the Three-Channel Guardian Cable Protector
  • Each section creates a 22.5° curve, or can be connected with more curve sections to create larger curves (Four sections are required for a 90° turn)
  • Built-in channels protect up to three 2.5" diameter hoses or cables
  • Commercial-grade rubber base and PVC lid hold up to 12,000 lbs per wheel
  • Raised tread provides traction for pedestrians or vehicles
  • A one-year manufacturer warranty included

Warning and Usage Guidelines

4 Pieces needed to create a 90° turn

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