Flybox Skateboard Ramp
Three Piece Flybox Skateboard Ramp

Skateboarders and inline skaters can use this 3 piece ramp to launch from or ride up for different tricks. 3 piece set includes the launch ramp, grind box and wedge. The grind box has steel transition plates at each end for a smooth transition onto ramp.

  • Includes launch ramp, grind box and wedge
  • Deck constructed from wood
  • Galvanized steel transition plate
  • Stays in place
Originally $349.99
Sale $299.99
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1 Year Warranty


High-quality inline skate, & skateboard box with two side ramps for great jumps for any user. Includes a launch ramp, grind box, and wedge. Wood deck with galvanized steel transition plate and cut out hand holds.


Our three piece FlyBox gives riders extra air with a sturdy wood base to jump from. The FlyBox three piece skateboard ramp is made up of (1) launch ramp, (1) wedge, and a wood skating deck in the middle making it perfect to launch from or ride up to pull off different tricks. The fly box makes a great jump ramp for all skateboarders or inline skaters. Metal transition plates at each end of the FlyBox skateboarding box ramp gives the rider a smooth transition onto the ramp. The quality wood frame and sturdy metal sides keep the ramp solid on the ground as it is used. An encapsulated coating keeps moisture, intense temperatures, and harmful UV rays from damaging the skate box. Looking for another ramp? See our full selection of Skateboard / Skate Ramps.

Three piece skateboarding box with launch ramp and wedge
11' 7"
135 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight 2x4 frame - won't rust!
  • Molded wood core light duty construction on either side
  • Bonded material protected wood core resists moisture, & heat
  • Galvanized steel transition plates & strong sides keep skateboard ramp from moving
  • Sturdy sides with cut out hand holds
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Before using these or any other skateboard ramp, it's highly recommended to read the Skateboard Ramp Safety instructions and take the proper precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience.


Skateboard Ramp Safety Warnings
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