Aluminum Folding Dog Ramp

Available in three sizes, these sturdy folding pet ramps make it easy for your pet to climb in and out of hard to access areas, like vehicles and other high rises. The comfortable grip tape surface offers incredible traction, even with wet or muddy paws! This dog ramp easily folds in half and features a carrying handle for easy transportation and storage. Benefits of the Folding Dog Ramp:

  • Portable for easy storage and transportation
  • Provides safe access for dogs into vehicles and other high areas
  • High-traction grip tape surface
  • Lightweight aluminum construction folds in half when not in use
  • Accommodates pets up to 250-lbs
Item # Length Width Folded
Weight Status Price Quantity
DR-06 72" 15" 36" 14 lbs
Ships today!
DR-07 82" 15" 41" 19 lbs
Ships today!
DR-08 96" 15" 48" 21 lbs
Ships today!

Portable Dog Ramps for Trucks and SUVs

With multiple sizes available and a 250-lb weight capacity, these ramps accommodate almost any size dog. Manufactured from sturdy, long-lasting aluminum with easy folding hinges, these ramps have a 15" useable width with a 2-3/4" attaching lip, making them ideal for trucks, cars and SUVs. These lightweight dog ramps also feature a carrying handle and safety strap for easy transportation and storage when not in use. Order yours online today!

Grip Tape
250 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight design
  • One year warranty
  • 3 lengths to choose from
  • Durable grip tape surface - excellent for your pet's feet
  • Hollow aluminum frame for maximum strength
  • Strong hinges to allow ramp to fold in half
  • 2 ¾" attaching lip for added stability
  • Carrying handle on the side allows for easy transport
  • Strap mounted on the side keeps the dog ramp compact for storage
  • Extra wide dog ramps also available

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Not designed for human use


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Review Summary (Based on 19 Reviews)


4 Stars 8' folding pet ramp

Trish from OK wrote (February 15, 2016):

I bought this ramp to use in my outdoor storm shelter in hopes of training my dogs to go down it...after two days some good progress. Only thing I don't care for about the ramp is that the grip is very rough to the point of it scratching up my hands and knuckles and the metal end piece that touches the ground is somewhat jagged.

4 Stars 7 foot bi-fold aluminum dog ramp DR-07

Ron from NC wrote (February 08, 2016):

My wife and I had been looking for a dog ramp to make it easier for her to load our two labs in the truck for their vet visits. We selected the DR-07 aluminum dog ramp based on the posted description. It was spot on. At 19 pounds my wife can easily maneuver the ramp into position for our dog's use, then fold it for transport or storage. The non-slip surface allowed our dog's to master the ramp with ease. Our female was first, but at 65 pounds she had an advantage over our 111 pound male. This is a high quality dog ramp which should give us many years of service. The only reason I gave this product a 4 instead of a 5 is because I would prefer it be 6 inches wider, but of course our male is an extra large dog.

5 Stars Built to last!

Heidi from CA wrote (February 08, 2016):

Finally a dog ramp that will last. Other ramps at the same price using plastic material with sliding extensions warp over a year. This ramp is made to last. Sturdy but lightweight. Great ease of use and paw friendly. This ramp will save my back and alleviate the stress and pain on the dogs jumping in and out of the car. I'm super pleased!


Deanna Maldonado from WA wrote (January 30, 2016):

We just love our new dog ramp! We purchased it with grant money for our SAR K-9 Team from Puget Sound Energy Foundation Grant. Discount Ramps for your speedy and professional service is superb and of course another outstanding product! Our K-9 Tic has been walking 2 miles on a treadmill everyday and without any hesitation climbed right up on this Lucky Dog Ramp the grip coating on it is wonderful as well! From South Puget Sound Mobile Search and Rescue Captain and K-9 Team we thank you!

5 Stars Pet Ramp

Rachel from CA wrote (December 06, 2015):

Perfect for what we were looking for!! We needed a pet ramp long enough for our dogs to get into the bed of the truck and our truck has a 4" lift on it. The dogs love riding in the back with the camper shell and bed rug. Great product and easy to store!!

5 Stars 8' × 15" Aluminum dog ramp

Rick Davidson from WI wrote (October 13, 2015):

Definitely what I was looking for. It looks like it is well made. Lightweight and durable. Makes my life easier than lifting my 90 lb. arthritic Collie into my SUV.

5 Stars Musicians Need This Ramp!

Gary from KS wrote (September 30, 2015):

I'm a musician who found another use for this ramp. I'm using it to load up a couple QSC K-Subs speakers into my minivan. I bought the 6' extra wide ramp. This ramp is also perfect for heavy tube guitar and bass amps. Very well constructed and light weight to carry. I looked at several brands and companies before I decided on discount ramps. I so glad I did. Very quick shipping and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again for a quality product. It's saving my back.

4 Stars Looking to make life a little easier for my longterm companion

Jason from IL wrote (September 18, 2015):

Our 9 year old Siberian Husky recently tore her ACL doing her "happy dance" for the neighbor lady that gives her treats. At first I picked her up and took her outside and back inside, as well as in the vehicle and out of the vehicle to her doctors appointment. She is very independent and active and not one to be confined, in fear of doing more damage than good picking her up I looked to making her a ramp to get in and out of the house. I wanted something portable so that it could be used for the house as well as the vehicle. After contemplation of materials, weathering etc I decided to look to google for answers. It may sound like I am on the payroll however the first site that caught my eye was Discount Ramp because of the aluminum ramp. Being aluminum it solved most of the criteria for the ramp I wanted being: 'weathering' as well as 'portable' for the vehicle and house. Since buying the ramp about 2 weeks ago we are continuing to acclimate her to use it more. She is very independent and still not real sure of it, however with the non-skid tread and training her 'its a good thing' she is coming around. I can't say that there is any dislikes of the product, it's the perfect size (8ft), light weight / portable and fits the needs for what I was looking for. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make life a little easier for their long term companion(s).

5 Stars Great Service

Donald from VA wrote (September 05, 2015):

I bought this ramp for our 91 pounds Lab to be able to get into our Jeep. It appears this will work very well and prevent me from lifting weights I should not lift. I have already recommended it to friends whom are looking for like ramps.

5 Stars Wonderful

Arthur from ID wrote (August 09, 2015):

We ordered this 6 ft ramp for our old red healer who is having problems jumping up into our truck, we have a travel trailer in which he isn't able to get into anymore so we got this wonderful ramp in which he is able to just walk up into the truck or trailer. This is the best and so perfect for our Rusty. We take him everywhere we go and now he's a happy camper. Thank you so much

5 Stars Excellent Pet Ramp

Bob from CO wrote (August 04, 2015):

Shopped all over looking for a light weight pet ramp long enough for my truck and would fold. This ramp is the best we had found and once it arrived, it has lived up to the advertising. Both our dogs are 12 years old, a Yorky and a Husky. They took right to the ramp. It folds and stores easily in the pickup, seems very safe in place. Would highly recommend this to anyone not wanting to lift a Husky (the Yorky is no problem).

5 Stars Very nice!

Christine from WI wrote (June 08, 2015):

Our German Shepherd is almost 12 and can no longer get in and out of our truck due to aging hips. We were lifting his 100 pound body every time but that was getting tough on him and our backs. We wanted a ramp that was long enough that would work with our truck and not be too steep of an incline. We ordered this ramp and were pleasantly surprised at how light it was and the sturdiness. It took a little time to get our older dog used to it but he is getting better. Our younger dog is able to use it as well. We really like how light it is and the handle is super convenient. The only thing we wish is that it was a little wider.

4 Stars have dog will travel

3#dog lover from MO wrote (May 24, 2015):

likes- perfect size for use and transport, not too heavy or bulky, sturdy, great non slip traction even when wet. my dog adjusted to it right away, no training to speak of involved!!!!! dislikes- sharp corners, be careful with car upholstery, the hinge bolts for tightness upon receiving. mine were not properly torqued on the nonslip nuts. again other than that great. saves my dogs legs and back jumping in and out of full size SUV, and my back from having to lift an 85# dog in and out. highly recommend it!

4 Stars Easy to use

Ron from CO wrote (May 01, 2015):

We purchased for our Golden Retriever. She recently hurt her leg. The leg is healed but we felt like the stress on her legs when jumping into and out of our SUV was putting undo stress on her legs. We ordered the ramp on Tues and it arrived on Friday. The ramp is light and easy to use. Although at first hesitant within 5 minutes our Golden had no problem using it. The only small negative is the lip that goes into the car is somewhat sharp. In an abundance of caution we put a towel under the lip. We are very happy with the product.

5 Stars Handy Dandy Dog Ramp

Lea from NC wrote (March 28, 2015):

I bought this ramp for my Corgi puppy, Tucker, because his legs are too short to go down our deck stairs to the stone patio below. Tucker is getting a little too heavy to keep carrying down the stairs, but I want to protect his spine and joints. This ramp is great. It's lightweight, so I can carry it myself, but is very sturdy. I was able to walk on it with Tucker, and it didn't feel wobbly. The only thing I would like is for the company to offer a longer ramp than 96". Tucker is able to navigate the ramp just fine, but the angle is pretty steep due to the height of our deck to the patio. This was the longest ramp I found, and I am very happy with it.

5 Stars DR-07XW Dog ramp

Ken from AZ wrote (March 13, 2015):

I like the cleanness of the design and the quality of the material. The ramp is easy to use and my German Shepherd went right to it into the back of my truck. before the ramp she was too heavy for me to lift her into the truck. Love this product.

5 Stars Best ramp for large dogs

Astrid from MD wrote (January 16, 2015):

I bought this ramp for my 2 Black Russian Terriers. These dogs can weight up to 150 lbs when matured. This was the only ramp I found that can accomodate up to 250 lbs. Awesome product. Sturdy. Durable. And very easy to set up and store in truck.

4 Stars Excellent, lightweight, quality dog ramp

Richard Mitchell from WA wrote (December 08, 2014):

The DR-07 dog ramp ordered from is excellent, sturdy, lightweight, and easy to set up and use. I would give the ramp 5 stars if it had a rubber coating or other protective surface over the "lip" of the ramp - at the top end, where it will come in contact with the car. It works fine on my truck, where the top of the tailgate is covered with plastic, but on my sedan, it would scratch (so I will make the modification myself). Other than that, this is a perfect ramp for my dogs (Border Collies) to get into my 4x4 truck, and especially - for getting out, where they otherwise put a strain on their wrists when they jump down. Of course they can do it, but I prefer to keep them healthy!

5 Stars Amazing Pet Ramp

Patricia from MN wrote (October 07, 2014):

this aluminum folding ramp has changed our transport lives for my dogs . It is safe, easy to use, folds and slides into the back of my jeep no problem . I love the non-slip surface.i use my two dogs in Pet Therapy so we go every day . My Great Dane has no trouble getting in and out of my Jeep now .... I love it .

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