Black Widow Aluminum Arched Folding Dual Runner Garden Tractor Ramps - 7'10" & 8' Long

These Black Widow hinged folding ramp sets are available in 11-1/4" or 17" widths and in two different lengths and weight capacities. They fold to half their size and are perfect for pick-up trucks or trailers.

Item # Length Width Weight
Status Price Quantity
BW-9412-2 94-1/2" 11-1/4" 1,200 lbs
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BW-9417-HD-2 94-1/2" 17" 48-1/2"
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BW-10812-2 108" 11-1/4" 1,200 lbs
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BW-10817-HD-2 108" 17" 54-1/2"
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Item Availability Price Quantity
CRG-TDS: 1" x 6' & 2" x 6' Cam Buckle & Ratchet Straps Kits – 4-pk
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These folding arched dual ramps have an all aluminum construction and are the perfect solution for loading your riding lawn mower, garden tractor, ATV, or other small 4 wheeled vehicle onto a truck or trailer. The 17" wide models are recommended for loading golf carts, heavier garden tractors, Mules, Gators, and other 6 wheel and 4 wheel equipment. These dual runner folding arched ramps are easy to set up, transport, and store. Two lengths, 94" long and 108" long, as well as two widths, either 11-1/4" wide or 17" wide, are available. The heavy duty hinge system allow a generous 1200 lb capacity on the 11-1/4" wide models and 3000 lb capacity on the 17" wide models. These high quality ramps are full of safety features such as safety straps to keep the ramps in place, a full width plate style attaching lip for the most area of contact on your loading surface, and serrated cross bars for sure traction even in the mud, rain, or snow. Sold in pairs.

**Special Notice: We have taken the Black Widow ramps to the next level making them even stronger than before. Our heavy duty model (HD) now features a 4 structural beam design on the 17-1/4" wide ramps making the ramp even stronger than the 3 beam design. We have also increase the diameter of the traction rungs to 5/8" vs the 1/2" rungs used in the past. The 5/8" rungs eliminate the rungs bending when loading heavy motorcycles. Please take a look at the 4-Beam and 3-Beam comparison to see the difference between the old and new models. Please make sure you compare these new features with our competition when shopping for new ramps.

Folding Tractor and ATV Loading Ramps
1,200 lbs total or 600 lbs per runner (BW-9412-2, BW-10812-2)
3,000 lbs total or 1,500 lbs per runner (BW-9417-HD-2, BW-10817-HD-2)

Product Features

  • Arched for maximum clearance
  • Heavy duty hinge system allows ramps to fold exactly in half
  • All aluminum construction is lightweight and will not rust
  • Ramps are powder coated black
  • 3-1/8" rung spacing for a smooth ride
  • Full width attaching lip and safety straps
  • One year warranty
  • Quality, heavy duty construction


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