Dual Aluminum Forklift Container Ramps - 48"L x 72"W

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  • Designed for loading and unloading shipping containers with a 6" tall lip
  • Lightweight (108 lbs), military-grade aluminum ramps support up to 10,000 lbs per axle when used together
  • Heavy-duty epoxy grit coat for maximum traction & durability
  • Knife foot & flat end plate for a smooth transition
  • Perfect width for forklifts & length for better clearance

The Dual Aluminum Forklift Container Ramps are the most lightweight container ramps in the industry. Place these two 36" wide by 48" long container loading ramps side-by-side for a loading ramp that is wide enough for a forklift and light enough to carry. Featuring lightweight, military-grade aluminum construction and heavy-duty epoxy grit coat surface for maximum traction, together the container ramps can support forklifts or other vehicles rated up to 10,000 lbs per axle. The long design, plate-style landing area, and knife-style foot provide a smooth transition and better ground clearance for loading into a 6" high shipping container or other application.

108 lbs
10,000 lbs

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