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Keep an eye on the activity around your treestand or any other area outdoors even when you're not there with a Little Acorn trail camera. Neither wildlife nor traspassers will know they are being recorded day or night in photos or video because of the imperceptable infrared technology that has a far-reaching 65 foot range. Loaded with features that let you adjust the quality, timing and frequency of the images taken, this trail cam has the added capability to notify you by cell phone when motion and a new image have been recorded.

  • No-Glow invisible LED infrared flash technology makes operation undetectable to animals and people
  • Records still images and video
  • Save high- to low-resolution pictures
  • Adjustable time-lapse function
  • Operates in extreme temperatures from -22°F to 158°F
  • With activation, sends e-notification of new images
  • Uses eight AA batteries (not included)


The Little Acorn trail cameras feature no-glow technology that photographs game or trespassers without letting them know they're being monitored. A multi-media messaging service sends pictures to cell phones and one email account when activated on the property.


Game cameras are always a great way to find out what's hitting the bait pile when you are away from camp. The game cam from Little Acorn is a compact trail cam that takes pictures and video no matter the time of day. The quality of pictures can be programmed from a 1.3 mega-pixel resolution up to a high-quality 12 mega-pixel resolution. For hunters who are only concerned about the activity near a feed pile, the 1.3 mega-pixel setting allows a large quantity of smaller files. The 12 mega-pixel setting is appropriate for wildlife and photography enthusiasts. Even though the nicer photos take up more room on a memory card, the photos come out much larger and cleaner than the 1.3 mega-pixel setting. The 5 mega-pixel setting is the standard setting that balances out quality with quantity. A setting can be used that allows a burst of 1 - 3 pictures to capture fast moving animals that run past the sensors. The No-Glow invisible LED technology uses a 65 ft infrared flash range that doesn't scare animals or even trespassers that unknowingly get caught in the act. During the day, movement will activate the camera and produce sharp, bright colors. The night time setting takes black and white photographs when activated.

When setting up the Little Acorn game cameras, the best results are produced when facing north or south. With the sun rising and setting in the east and west, the camera avoids direct sunlight and blown out photographs. Video can be taken simultaneously with photographs during the day and night. A setting for time-lapse photography is also available to capture animal activity throughout a long period of time. A built-in 2-1/4" LCD screen allows viewing of the traffic that is running through the feeding area. After the photos have been taken, pictures can be viewed on the LCD screen once the switch is turned to test. The settings on the LCD screen display a stamp of the time and date, temperature, battery level, and even the moon phase of when each photograph was taken. Two side sensors are featured in the game cam that cover a 35° range each. The side sensors provide a wider activity range and allow quicker responses. Certain times of the day may create harsh shadows and blown out highlights, so timers are used to force the camera to work only in a desired time frame. Whether the wildlife camera is placed in hot or cold conditions, the trail cam can function in temperatures ranging from -22°F – 158°F.

One of the biggest trail camera features is the cellular transmission capability. Once a picture is taken, a picture message is sent to an email account and a cell phone as a media message. The number of messages is not limited, but it can also be set to a desired limit per day. All cell phone messages are sent through AT&T or T-Mobile service providers. The Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) can be connected through pre-paid sim cards for a Go Phone or pre-paid phone. If AT&T or T-Mobile is already your service provider, the Little Acorn picture messaging can be added to the existing bill. The motion activated camera is powered by 8-AA batteries (Batteries not included) and runs on low power consumption. Standard SD cards (Not included) ranging from 8 MB - 16MB can be used with the trail camera. While in standby, the batteries can last up to six months. Each trail cam feature two draw bolt latches and is protected by the user's four digit keypad code.

Little Acorn Game Camera - takes pictures and video for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts

Product Features

  • Operates in temperatures ranging -22°F to 158°F
  • Sends texts and emails after taking photos (Programmable count)
  • Sends messages to a maximum of 3 mobile numbers (AT&T or T-Mobile)
  • Sends messages to one email account(AT&T or T-Mobile)
  • Takes pictures in 1.3, 5, or 12 Mega-pixels
  • Fully adjustable time-lapse function
  • No-Glow invisible LED Infrared flash technology
  • 2-1/4" LCD screen
  • 6 key operation pad with 4-digit pass code
  • Takes standard SD cards (8MB-16GB)
  • Day and night operation
  • 1.1 second trigger time with 1, 2, or 3 picture burst
  • Records AVI video 1 – 60 seconds
  • Low battery alert
  • Video + picture capability
  • Camouflage outer shell
  • Takes 8-AA alkaline batteries (Not included)
  • 1 year warranty


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