Deluxe Deer Hoist With Swivel by Kill Shot

Our deluxe deer hoist includes features that you won't find elsewhere - 360 degree swivel, adjustable support foot and over 25-1/2" clearance from truck for access to vehicle. Plus it has a huge 500 lb capacity so it can handle any game you can! This is the ideal deer hoist for effortlessly cleaning, skinning, aging or loading large game.

  • Made from black matte powder coat steel
  • Swivels 360 degrees with 4 position locking pin system
  • Includes adjustable foot to support hoist in hitch
  • Heavy duty winch handles up to 500 lbs
  • 25-1/2" clearance from hitch for access to vehicle
  • Adjustable height ( 81" to 95-3/4") plus hitch height
  • Includes 24" wide gambrel
  • Weighs 43 lbs
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1 Year Warranty


Lift game from off the ground for skinning or cleaning, then swivel 360 degrees to place the deer into a pickup truck bed with the Kill Shot Game Hoist attached to a 2" Class III/IV hitch receiver. Features a maximum 500 lb. capacity to hoist those trophy bucks without hassle. Each game lift is made with heavy duty steel construction with a black powder-coat finish and includes a deer gambrel.


Lift trophy bucks into a pickup truck bed or just raise them off the ground for skinning and cleaning with the Kill Shot Game Hoist. This heavy duty 2" Class III/IV hitch mounted deer hoist adjusts from 81" to 95-3/4" high allowing even a massive fully stretched 10 pointer to hang from tail to rack off a vehicle trailer hitch. Game lift frame design provides 17-3/4" hitch and bumper clearance (from hitch pin hole to the gusset reinforcement), and 25-1/2" clearance (from the pin hole to support) enabling the pickup truck tailgate to be opened for loading. Features a 360° swivel base with a 4 position locking pin system on a smooth-glide bearing to easily pivot the trophy buck around the hitch and into the pickup truck bed. Includes a 1/8" to 15" adjustable support foot for added stability during skinning or cleaning and a 24" wide deer gambrel. The game lift support tube features an integrated handle for carrying & rotation and an attached heavy duty winch. The game hoist also works great for cavity irrigating and deer aging in < 45° temperatures if the vehicle is parked for a couple days. Maximum 500 lb. capacity to hold the biggest bucks. Made with heavy duty steel construction, finished in a smooth black powder-coat for long lasting durability. Includes a one year warranty.

360° Swivel Base Hitch Mounted Game Hoist w/ 24" wide deer gambrel
43 lbs
500 lbs
2" Class III or IV
17-3/4" Pin hole to Gusset
81" to 95-3/4"
1/8" to 15"H

Product Features

  • Great for cavity irrigating, skinning, aging, and cleaning
  • 360° Swivel Base w/ 4 position locking pin system on a smooth-glide bearing
  • Integrated handle for carrying and rotating
  • Includes 24" wide deer gambrel
  • 81" to 95-3/4" Height adjustment
  • 1/8" to 15"H adjustable support foot
  • 17-3/4" Hitch clearance from pin hole to gusset
  • 25-1/2" Clearance for open truck tailgates (pin hole distance to frame)
  • *Overall height varies depending on hitch height
  • For 2" Class III/IV hitch receivers only
  • 1-3/16" Width by 19'-8" Length lift strap
  • Made with heavy duty steel construction
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Overall lifting height varies depending on the vehicle hitch height.


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 31 Reviews)


5 Stars Deer Hoist

Ben Cottle from TX wrote (January 15, 2015):

Because of my age, I could no longer lift a non-field dressed deer into my pickup. I had a home made battery operated lift, but it was hard to use in all situations. I bought this deer hoist and used it for the first time this season. I shot my buck in heavy brush, drug him some 15 yards to where I could get my pickup close to him, set up my hoist and wrenched him to my truck, lifted and swiveled him on to my tailgate, and drove to a more suitable area for field dressing. The deer had not been disconnected from the hoist, so I swiveled him off the tailgate and raised him high enough to field dress.. I then swiveled him into the bed of my truck for transporting out of the pasture. Because of the hoist I was able to do all this by myself with a minimal amount of effort. I recommended it to my daughter-in-law for my Son and she gave it to him for Christmas. For convenience, I leave my hoist partially assembled. So I bought a heavy duty over-sized duffle-bag (30"x50") to store and transport it in. My deer hunting extended because of the hoist.

5 Stars Well built and works great

Eddie from OK wrote (January 14, 2015):

I have already skinned and processed two Doe. Drove to the deer and hooked them up swung them around into the bed of the truck and drove to an area to field dress, skin and process. This is a very functional product not just for deer but any heavy item you need to move.

5 Stars Save your BACK!

Abe from TX wrote (January 14, 2015):

Love this hoist as it is necessary when you are hunting alone or just have a large animal to lift into the truck bed. I bought this one with the extended piece so that I could leave the tailgate down and lift AND swivel the deer into the bed. I keep it separated into 2 pieces for easy storage in the off season. I am 65 and hunt alone. This is a huge back saver! Had a friend help me assemble it and he ending up ordering one for his dad.

5 Stars Great Hoist

Dan from NJ wrote (January 14, 2015):

I was looking for something to help load deer into the back of my pickup after harvesting an extra heavy deer in November. I had to load it by myself and in doing so aggravated a previous shoulder and elbow injury. This hoist will be just the ticket for loading a deer into a pickup. It is in the back of my truck right now.

5 Stars great product

kevin from MS wrote (January 06, 2015):

It was packed very good assembly only took 20 minutes . Love the 360 degree swivel. Cant wait to use it.

4 Stars Works great

Don from WY wrote (January 04, 2015):

I have used my hoist for 2 hunting seasons and it works great. I use it for hanging whole (no gutting) mule deer and antelope so I can skin and process the animal in the field which allows me to continue hunting. I live in Wyoming it is not uncommon to be hours from asphalt roads. It also works great for loading large bull elk. Just cut the elk in half so it will clear the truck bed, lift and swing the animal into the truck. No manual lifting on a elk is a real plus especially when you are lifting dead weight.

5 Stars Will work way better than what I had...

Daniel from WY wrote (January 01, 2015):

This product was easy to assemble. Though I haven't used it yet, and probably won't until next hunting season, it will be far more useful than the homemade contraption I had been using. The 360 degree swivel is a big plus.

5 Stars Great product

Marcus from GA wrote (December 28, 2014):

Only took a few days to get here on Christmas Eve. Easy to assemble and worked great for getting my 5th wheel hitch out of my truck.

5 Stars Well made

Richard Day from IN wrote (December 25, 2014):

This lift is one of the sturdiest lifts I found. We use it for more than loading deer, it comes in handy most of the heavy lifting we need it for.

5 Stars good Hoist

John from NE wrote (December 09, 2014):

Bought this hoist in early October. Great buy, Works better then I thought it would. I am disabled and cant load a deer in the back of my truck by my self anymore. I have loaded skinned and deboned two deer with this hoist. Wish I HAD THIS HOIST 20 years ago. My friends who hunt all want one. One is asking his wife if he could have one for Christmas. Also it was shipped to my house in 2 days

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