Aluminum Arched Dual Runner Garden Tractor Ramps - 7', 7'5", & 7'11" Long

Our sets of dual arched tractor ramps are high quality loading ramps and have many features for safety and durability. The all aluminum construction will prevent these loading ramps from rusting. These are our most popular lawn and garden tractor loading ramps! Safety straps included!

1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Width Weight Weight
Status Price Quantity
A-8412-1200-2 84" 12" 28 lbs 1,200 lbs per pair
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A-8416-3000-2 84" 16" 44 lbs 3,000 lbs per pair
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A-8912-1800-2 89" 12" 35 lbs 1,800 lbs per pair
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A-9512-1200-2 95" 12" 37 lbs 1,200 lbs per pair
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A-9516-3000-2 95" 16" 48 lbs 3,000 lbs per pair
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These patented arched dual ramps have an all aluminum construction and are the perfect solution for loading your garden tractor onto a trailer or low dock area. Dual runner ramps are easy to set up, transport, and store. These aluminum ramps are arched for maximum mower deck clearance and are available in 12" and 16" wide models with varying weight capacities to meet your loading requirements. Three inch rung spacing between the cross bars allow for a smooth ride up for all pneumatic tires. These high quality ramps are full of safety features such as raised sides to help keep your tires in the ramp channels, cam buckle safety straps to keep the ramps in place, a full width plate style attaching lip for the most area of contact on your loading surface, and serrated cross bars for sure traction even in the mud, rain, or snow. Sold in pairs.

Midsize or 2-wheel drive pick-up trucks for loading tractors with no mower deck or high mower deck clearance

Product Features

  • Arched for maximum clearance
  • All aluminum construction is lightweight and will not rust
  • 3" rung spacing for smooth ride
  • Raised, beveled side rails keep tires on ramps
  • Cam buckle safety straps included
  • Full width attaching lip and safety straps
  • One year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Choose the Correct ATV Ramp

Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)



David from VA wrote (October 30, 2014):

My lawn tractor, (4" deck clearance), would not clear the 17" rise into my shed, using the "straight" ramp that I purchased when I bought the shed, (the small, right angle at ramp/shed floor transition, was the problem). I needed an "arched" ramp to clear the shed floor. I could have purchased the ramps with the 12" width, 1,000 lb. ramps, (A-8412-1200-2). However, I chose the ,(A-8416-300-2). Why? these ramps are each, 16" wide, providing an extra 8" to the maneuvering surface. At least for me, those extra inches makes it extremely easy to guide the mower up and down the ramps. These ramps have an extra addition. There have additional rails welded to the bottom of the ramps, dramatically increasing the overall strength. Although at this time, weight is not an issue, it may be needed in the future. Believe me, these ramps far surpass any others that I have researched. Regarding storage, if you simply lay them on their sides, against your mower, they literally take-up no room, opposed to other "folding" models.

5 Stars Great product!

Evan from KS wrote (October 13, 2014):

These are really easy to use never have worn out on me and had some for years now. Great all around.