Bosski Gas Can Holders

The lightweight gas jug or jerry can holders can be secured to Bosski ATV wagon tongues. An extra holder keeps your backup gas can in place without taking up valuable trailer space.


Additional cargo space is opened up when a gas can holder is installed to the Bosski ATV wagon tongues. A lightweight, aluminum frame is mounted over the top of the trailer tongue and prevents jerry cans or gasoline jugs from moving. The extra cargo space keeps the main trailer open for extra cargo that may be more useful. Each brace is designed to fit a 5-6 gallon jug of gas or even water. The fuel can is not included.

Aluminum baskets for holding gas cans to ATV wagon tongues

Product Features

  • Mounts to the tongue of ATV trailers
  • Holds 5-6 gallon jugs
  • Manufactured with lightweight aluminum

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