Let's Go Aero GearWagon™ 125 Enclosed Cargo Trailer - 1,000 lb Capacity
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Pull a bunch of cargo, an ATV, or a motorcycle behind a car of any size with the super lightweight GearWagon 125 enclosed cargo trailer. Built with double-walled polyethylene, this trailer is strong enough to carry 1,000 lbs of cargo, but weighs only 480 lbs empty, making it suitable for any tow-rated vehicle. Tying down cargo inside the 137 cu ft trailer is easy thanks to C-channel tracks built into the trailer floor. The GearWagon 125 features a complete LED lighting system, torsion axle suspension with grease system, and 13" wheels.


The GearWagon 125 enclosed cargo trailer lets you enjoy the form and function of an enclosed pickup truck with nearly any car. Manufactured from double-walled polyethylene with a polyurethane structural foam injected base, the trailer weighs only 480 lbs empty, making it suitable for nearly any tow-rated vehicle. The GearWagon 125 is as strong as it is light however, and the cargo trailer's 137 cu ft bed can haul as much as 1,000 lbs.


The locking plastic lid of the GearWagon 125 enclosed cargo trailer opens with struts to provide access to the bed of the trailer. At the rear of the trailer is a load bearing endgate, which can also be removed if desired. Inside, the cargo trailer bed is large enough to haul an ATV or motorcycle, as well as other cargo. C-channel tracks are built into the floor, providing a convenient place to mount tie down rings or other accessories. The optional bicycle mount hardware kit (sold separately) also installs to these tracks.

Exterior and Running Gear

The GearWagon 125 cargo trailer has a grey polyethylene base, and white ABS lid. On the back of the trailer is a complete LED lighting system, which connects to the tow vehicle with a standard flat-four connector. Underneath, the GearWagon 125 enclosed cargo trailer features rubber dampened torsion-axle suspension to soften bumps in the road and provide a smooth ride. Standard with the GearWagon 125 are 13" wheels and tires, suitable for use on and off road.

GearWagon 125 Sport Utility Trailer from Let's Go Aero - Lightweight enclosed cargo trailer
ST 175/80 D13 Load Range C
1,000 lbs
137 cu ft
480 lbs

Product Features

  • Provides the functionality of an enclosed mid-sized pick up bed with more storage capacity than most SUVs
  • Super lightweight construction lets the trailer be pulled by nearly any tow rated vehicle
  • Double-walled, foam injected polyethylene molded base
  • UV protected tonneau lid lifts on struts
  • Two stainless steel pin locks secure top
  • Load bearing endgate supports up to 500 lbs evenly distributed and is easily removable
  • Integrated C-channel track provides attachment points for cargo management
  • Complete lighting system with LED lights included
  • Torsion axle suspension with grease system soaks up bumps
  • Large tires for off-road or highway use
  • 2" coupler with handle and leveler stand
  • Lid Weight is 65 lbs
  • Wheel Size is 13"


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