Thrust Off Road Accessories Portable Ground Anchor

When you're stuck and no anchor points appear to be available, Thrust Off Road Accessories portable ground anchor can be a lifesaver. Cutting through the toughest of terrain, this 12,000 lb capacity ground anchor creates a crucial anchor point in recovery situations. The provided bow shackle offers a strong attachment point for recovery straps and the anchor can be stored away in the back of your vehicle with included carrying bag.

  • Breaker head cuts through tough terrain
  • 3 angle settings for soil type
  • 12,000 lb max load capacity
  • Folds together and breaks down for compact storage
  • Carry bag included
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1 Year Warranty


When there is not an anchor point in sight, setup the Portable Ground Anchor to recover your 4x4 vehicle. The self-operated land anchor provides peace of mind for those who offroad by themselves. Durable steel breaker head penetrates the toughest of terrains creating a reliable anchor point. Features three angle settings for different soil types.


Prevent having to create your own deadman's anchor with the Thrust Offroad Accessories Ground Anchor digs into the ground creating a strong anchor point that will help pull you out from that tough spot. Heavy duty steel construction features a breaker head that cuts through tough terrains. Adjustable and prepared for different soil types the winch anchor contains three angle settings for optimal performance in sand, dirt, mud, loose gravel and snow.

Recover by yourself or with the help of an additional person. The land anchor can operate by itself, however having somebody stand behind the anchor holding the handle will assure that the anchor pulls into the ground at the appropriate angle. The ring on the fluke nut provides necessary fittings for rope slings when using a hand winch or recovery block for heavy winching. When not in use the winch anchor breaks down into pieces and folds in half for storage.

Don't worry about losing parts during transport or getting the interior of your 4WD vehicle dirty with the included carry bag. For the off-roading enthusiast that rides alone the Ground Anchor accompanied with the Hand Winch is vital in self-recovery situations where an anchor point can not be established. The 5/8" Bow Shackle has a WLL of 7,150 lbs. Maximum load capacity of 12,000 lbs. Includes one year manufacturer's warranty.

Ground Anchor - Creates strong anchor point to attach a winch cable or rope for recovery.
40" Fully Assembled (Open)
20-3/4" Fully Assembled (Open)
23" Fully Assembled (Open)
38.5 lbs
10,000 lbs
12,000 lbs

Product Features

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Breaker head penetrates through tough terrain
  • Three angle settings for soil types
  • Maximum load capacity of 12,000 lbs
  • Recover by yourself or with the help of an additional person
  • Handle helps guide into the ground
  • 5/8" Bow Shackle WLL 7,150 lbs
  • Folds together and breaks down into pieces for storage
  • Easy transport & storage with carrying bag
  • 1 Year warranty

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