Guard Dog Low Profile Cable Protectors

The 1-Channel Guard Dog Low Profile Cable Protector protects cables and hoses up to 3/4" in diameter from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Modular design with integrated Dog-Bone connectors allows multiple protectors to be used to span any length. Available with an orange or black reinforced lid.



The Guard Dog line of low profile cable protectors, from Checkers Industrial Safety Products, are the most compact top-loading cable protectors on the market. This 1-Channel cable protector protects a cable or hose up to 3/4" in diameter. The patented 5-bar tread surface provides maximum traction for pedestrians and vehicles. Cable placement is effortless with the reinforced hinged lid, available in black or orange. Dog Bone style connectors allow multiple cable protectors to be connected together, spanning any required length.

1-Channel Low Profile Cable Protector with Standard Ramps
36" (91.44 cm)
10.81 in. (27.46 cm)
1-1/4" (3.18 cm)
2-1/4" (5.72 cm)
3/4" (1.9 cm)
Reinforced fiberglass
26,000 lbs
13,000 lbs
Polyurethane (UV stabilized)
70°F (21°C)
-40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 48°C)
Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991
Safety warning symbols molded into lid. Trip Hazard - Electric Hazard
7.8 lbs (3.54 kg)

Product Features

  • Protects cables and hoses up to 3/4" in diameter
  • Integrated Dog-Bone Connectors join multiple cable protectors, creating any length
  • Easy cable placement with hinged lid
  • Patented 5-bar tread surface provides maximum traction
  • Available with black or orange lid
  • ADA/DDA Compliant Ramps

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