5-Channel Right Turn Guard Dog Cable Protector for 1.325" diameter cables

The Guard Dog right turn is used to create a 45° curve in a cable protector while still protecting the cables and hoses. Includes a reinforced, hinged lid to easily place the cable.

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The Guard Dog right turn fits onto the Guard Dog 5 channel cable protectors to create a 45° curve that still protects cables and hoses up to 1.325" in diameter. The right turn has a reinforced, hinged lid for easy cable placement. All-weather polyurethane construction allow the right turn to be used inside or out. Right turns can be connected to left turns to create a jog. One end of the Guard Dog right turn has a male Dog Bone connector and the other end has a female connector.

5 Channel 45° Right Turn
(622.3 mm)
(501.7 mm)
(47.6 mm)
11 lbs
(5.0 kg)
(34.0 mm)
(33.65 mm)
Orange Lid / Black Ramp

Product Features

  • Creates a 45° right turn for cable protector
  • Protects cables/ hoses up to 1.325" in diameter
  • Fits five-channel Guard Dog cable protectors
  • Reinforced, hinged lid for easy cable placement
  • Male and female Dog Bone connectors
  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • Five-bar patented tread surface for traction
  • Right and left turns can be joined to create a jog

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