Heavy Duty Anti-Tilt Bracket
Anti-Tilt Locking Device

This anti-tilt locking device fits any Class III hitch to eliminate rocking of your hitch mounted carrier.


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Eliminate rocking and wobbling of your hitch mounted carrier with the Heavy Duty Anti-Tilt Bracket. This device fits any Class III hitch and secures with three holding bolts that pinch the main tube to the trailer hitch. The anti-tilt bracket has a clear zinc coating and is included with VersaHaul carriers.

Heavy Duty Anti-Tilt Locking Device - For Class III or larger trailer hitches

Product Features

  • Pinches main tube of rack to trailer hitch to eliminate wobble
  • Works with any Class III hitch
  • Clear zinc finish
  • Three holding bolts
  • Included with VersaHaul carriers


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