2-Channel Yellow Jacket Hose Protector for 3.75" diameter hoses

The 2-channel, Yellow Jacket hose covers are designed to withstand a heavy flow of traffic in industrial, commercial, or public applications. The durable base and lid is even strong enough to hold a 400-ton Haul truck that is typically used in quarry operations!

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The heavy duty ramps are designed to protect large hoses and cables that are used around heavy machinery and vehicles. The durable Durathane™ ramp and lid can withstand the weight of a 400-ton Haul truck while also protecting hoses from constant compression and eventual cracking. A yellow lid, secured by reinforced fiberglass hinges, covers two separate channels that measure 3.75" wide. A hinged lid makes it easier to lay hoses or cords into the channels during setup. Each channel is capable of holding a heavy duty hose or bundle of cables or wires up to 3.75" in diameter. The solid bases and lids are covered in extruded diamond treads that provide maximum traction. Roman Arch™ technology is used on the underside of the ramp to create a strong suction that keeps the ramps in place while traffic runs over the top side. The short sides feature "Dog Bone" connectors that are used to attach additional 2-channel cable ramps. These connectors make it possible to protect cables and hoses that run through heavily used work areas. All Yellow Jacket cable and hose ramps are made in the USA.

-40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 48°C)
Reinforced fiberglass
Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991
7,990 lbs
15,980 lbs
Safety warning symbols molded into lid: Trip Hazard, Electric Hazard
Heavy duty hose protector - 2 channels
Yellow Lid/Black Base
35.75" (90.8 cm)
42.125" (1,067 mm)
5.125" (149 mm)
3.875" (98.4 mm)
3.75" (95.3 mm)
147 lbs (66.7 kg)

Product Features

  • Two 3.75" channels
  • Durable Durathane™ construction
  • Raised diamond treads for traction
  • Interlocking "Dog Bone" connectors
  • Hinged lid for easy loading and unloading
  • Lower Roman arch ramps to keep ramps in place

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