Heavy Duty 4" Tie Down Straps

4" extra wide x 35' long tie down straps quickly secure large and bulky payloads to a truck trailer deck for the long haul. A large heavy duty ratchet connects strap ends together and provides strong winching power to secure load straps tightly over cargo. The ratcheting mechanism also locks in place when set, designed to keep the same tension level in the system after hours on the road.

  • J-Hook ends secure strap to the flat bed trailer deck
  • Large easy-grip ratcheting handle increases tensioning leverage
  • 15,000 lb Break strength / 5,000 lb working load limit
  • High visibility bright yellow nylon
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1 Year Warranty


High capacity 4" wide ratchet straps with J-hook ends. 15,000lb Maximum break strength with 5,000lb working load limit. Large 5" wide ratchet handle makes tightening strap down easy. 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Heavy Duty Straps measure 4" wide x 35' long to secure large and difficult loads to trailers or flat bed trucks. With large, steel "J" Hooks, these heavy duty straps can be utilized for many massive applications. The yellow heavy duty straps feature 5 inch wide ratchet handles for some serious power that won't hurt your arm when using. The heavy duty straps have a 15,000 lb breaking strength (5,000 lb working load limit). Securing a substantial amount of weight is no picnic - make it a cakewalk with these heavy duty straps! Need a different style of hook ends? These straps are also available with Flat Hooks.

4" x 35' J-Hook Ratchet Strap
16 lbs
15,000 lbs
5,000 lbs

Product Features

  • Great way to secure large and difficult loads to trailers or trucks
  • Large, steel "J" hooks
  • 5" Wide ratchet handle provides power when cinching down load
  • 15,000lb Break strength and 5,000lb working load limit to secure a substantial amount of weight
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty

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