Boss Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier Tail Lights

Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Attaches to the Boss Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier to eliminate the risk of tail lights being blocked by a motorcycle or scooter. Preassembled steel mounting brackets with self tapping steel bolts included. Attaches to any 4-pole flat connector.


Eliminate the risk of a motorcycle or scooter blocking vehicle taillights with this tail light kit for the Boss Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier. Blocked tail and brake lights could cause an accident; the tail lights attach to the end of the motorcycle carrier using heavy duty steel mounting brackets with included self tapping screws to provide unobstructed brake, turn, and tail lights. Zip ties are included with the tail light kit to secure the wires to the frame, and the plug connects to any standard 4-pole flat connector.

Tail-light kit for the 04100-1 motorcycle carrier - Includes one pair of full-functioning (stop, turn, tail) tail-lights with zip-ties and 4 self-tapping bolts

Product Features

  • Makes a vehicle visible at night with a motorcycle on the carrier
  • Heavy duty steel brackets
  • Self-tapping mounting bolts and zip ties for cable management included
  • No drilling required!
  • Plugs into a standard 4-pole flat connector
  • May be legally required in some states

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