Black Widow Heavy-Duty Steel Motorcycle Carrier - 600 lb Capacity

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Easily haul your motorcycle with this affordably-priced heavy-duty motorcycle carrier. The 600-lb capacity steel motorcycle carrier attaches to your vehicle's Class III or IV 2" receiver and features a loading ramp which stores conveniently on the carrier when not in use, allowing you to load and transport your dirt bike or motorcycle safely and easily. Featuring heavy-duty steel construction, this competitively-priced motorcycle carrier is a no-brainer for anyone looking to haul their bike without breaking the bank.

The Black Widow Heavy-Duty Steel Motorcycle Carrier Features:

  • 600-lb capacity hauls any motorcycle
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Built-in adjustable wheel chock safely secures bike
  • 72" long loading ramp stores on carrier during transportation
  • Works with Class III and IV 2" receivers

Included Safety Options to Protect Your Bike

An integrated seven-position adjustable wheel chock works along with four tie-down points to stabilize your bike during transport (tie-down straps are sold separately). A reverse anti-tilt locking bracket reduces carrier wobble from play in the hitch receiver. Includes a 5/8" hitch pin for securing the steel motorcycle carrier to your receiver hitch.

Please note:

  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers and camping trailers
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions
98 lbs
600 lbs
Class III or IV (2")

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Carrier Carrying Capacity: The MCC-600 carrier is designed to safely carry 600-lbs
  • Never exceed the maximum tongue weight rating of your trailer hitch (check the weight sticker on the trailer hitch)
  • Total hauling weight is calculated by adding the total weight of the motorcycle + 99 lbs (MCC-600 weight)
  • Hitch Weight Limit: Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs - Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1,000 lbs
  • Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension to prevent sagging
  • Please check with the dealer or manufacturer to determine the carrying / hauling capacity of your vehicle
  • Will not work with 1-1/4" Class II or smaller receivers


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Review Summary (Based on 18 Reviews)


5 Stars Very good ramp if no trailer needed

Bryan St Clair from CA wrote (September 01, 2016):

I purchased this ramp as I sold my normal trailer when I upgraded to a toy hauler. Normally the bikes are in the toy hauler, but for short trips or maybe a bike move, I wanted a good option other than loading into the truck bed. I have a Silverado 2500 HD and the gate is a bit high, for a single person to load a bike. This ramp was my solution. Now, the ramp is great, holds the bike well, however does show serious sway while driving at slower speeds. I would expect the bike to stay on, but I wanted a bit more stability. I ran 2 extra straps crossing each other from the inner ramp mounts and back into the bed of the truck to the inside tie spots. Bed was up and locked. This gave the ramp more support to side-to-side movement that the clamp didn't fully provide. I have made 2 round trips of about 400 miles each trip with my 2008 CBR1000RR on the back. For anyone who lives in the SF Bay Area knows how crappy 680 is. I did it 4 times. Scary, even with a trailer's cargo. Bike moved around a bit but made it home safe. As a safety addon, I ran a strap around the front tire, to the ramp, to prevent a possible bouncing effect the bike could get on a large bump. Strap config: 4 Running down from handlebars and rear sets to the 4 mount points. 2 running from inner (right side) mount points, crossed, back to the inner mount points of the truck bed. (For stability of ramp side-to-side action) 1 strap wrapped around front tire to ramp, to ensure tire doesn't have a chance to bounce out of ramp channel. Maybe too many straps, but hey.... no such thing really. Rather be over cautious. The loading ramp is very stable and I can load my 400+ lb bike alone, without assistance. You can't beat the value and quality of this ramp for the price. Never been a fan of this style of ramp, but this one changed my opinion. Recommended.

5 Stars Good To Go

Robert from TX wrote (August 22, 2016):

For the Price, it is a very good deal. Like a number of other reviews I read, I had to turn the stabilizer collar upside down from the directions and seems to be just fine that way. Everything was in the box and only had to wait the weekend for the tie down straps which were shipped separately.

4 Stars Economical if Somewhat Unstable

Jonathan from NM wrote (July 05, 2016):

+Relatively Inexpensive +Easy/Safe to Use/Set-up +Uses a small amount of space when in storage +Reflective tape is a nice touch -Unstable without extra tie down points -Poorly Packaged I bought this ramp as an economical and space conscious alternative to a trailer. I didn't like loading it in the truck because it took up a ton of bed space and seemed unsafe when it was just me and my wife. Overall, this hitch carrier works really well in that capacity. Very easy to setup and load with just the two of us and it only takes a small amount of space in the garage (at least compared to a trailer). However, I do have two complaints: 1. The packaging for the nuts and bolts in the shipped box was terrible. And by terrible I mean non-existent; they were just free floating in the box without any sort of bag. When I got the box, it had a small hole in the box and found that one nut and bolt was missing. 2. Even with carrier and motorcycle (Suzuki SV 650, ~400 lbs) tightened and strapped down as recommended by Discount Ramps, the carrier is very unstable. When you hit any sort of bumps on the road, the whole motorcycle and carrier wobbles back and forth (to and from the vehicle) for several seconds. I didn't think it was going to break off or anything, but it was very disconcerting and I doubt it was good for the long term wear on the carrier. Thankfully, attaching two more tie downs from the top of my motorcycle to some hooks in the bed of the truck virtually eliminated the instability. Probably not a big deal to most truck users, but it may be problematic if you are using an SUV or a bed cover. Just a heads up.

4 Stars good purchase

72sporty from FL wrote (May 30, 2016):

This works as well as the $600 'JoeHauler' that many of my friends have, and is sturdier (solid metal as opposed to ladder-type ramp and carrier), also heavier. It's going to take some modifications to get it more user friendly: IMO the ramp should mount on the outside of the carrier away from the back of the vehicle so that you can utilize it for other purposes and that would help stop you from walking into the 8" bars that stick out (you can see a solid ramp a lot better than two pieces of metal). The only problem is the stabilizer block. Very difficult to get on, and upon arriving home it was missing one bolt and the other was hanging by one thread. There's no nuts on them, and to get under to tighten them you need to lay down, not the best thing at the gas station. Not sure what I'll do yet. That said, 1000+ miles this weekend and the bike rode very steady at highway speed.

5 Stars Perfect on my LX470 to Carry TW200

Tread from TX wrote (May 03, 2016):

The Discount Ramps team advised me over the phone to go with this unit and I am happy I listened. The unit has been easy to build and attach to my 2001 Lexus LX470. It carries my Yamaha TW200 well. This allows me to do ADV riding in places across the US with my little TW and the comfort of my SUV. Pros include - Being able to mount the unit to the hitch solo-- but with caution as it is heavy (~70lbs?) and awkward, but doable if you are smart about it. - Being able to mount and remove the bike by myself. I simply put the bike in gear and use the clutch to run it up into the track (note the left side with the clutch is the far side of the mount, which makes this possible). - Simple design and spares availability. I have extra bolts from the local ACE HW in case any fall out... for example the bolts on the anti-wobble cuff that makes the mount secure in the hitch receiver on your truck. These need to be checked for tightness during any trip. - Customer service at Discount Ramps. Some parts had been separated or damaged during shipping and they were very quick to replace. - I have not tested it, but I believe gear could be stored on the removable ramp (like gas cans) and would only need to be removed at your destination. Cons - For the price, there are none to mention at this point Suggestions - Get some reflective tape and add to the outside edges of the mount. I put tape all over the unit so that people don't walk into the unit in the dark.

3 Stars Service could have been better

John from CA wrote (March 13, 2016):

I bought this ramp as an experiment. My butt was never made of iron and as I get older I don't want to ride the boring parts, just the fun parts. My wife does not like to ride, but she wants to see the great places in this country. I chose the least expensive hauler and it met my expectations. It looks like it will do the job. The disappointment came when I inspected the parts. It was obvious that it was a returned item, scratched paint and a dent in the rail. Whoever inspects the returns should have done a better job. I didn't return it because it wasn't worth the cost.

5 Stars Wonderful product

Terry from SD wrote (January 09, 2016):

Bought this for my Ducati and have told all my friends about it.easier to load than a trailer and safer to load than the back of my pick up. Thank you.

5 Stars Heavy duty for sure

Benjamin Kim from FL wrote (December 17, 2015):

This thing is solid. I was a bit weary of buying something like this, but it's the real deal and heavy duty. Much more convenient than buying a trailer.

4 Stars 600 lb motorcycle ramp

Bill from TN wrote (October 15, 2015):

The ramp is very strong, well built and a great price. Somewhere in the shipping process from the manufacturer to my doorstep was problematic and resulted in package being delivered broken open, HOWEVER, due to the efficient customer service at Discount Ramps, this was immediately corrected and a replacement was sent out and received in perfect condition. We will recommend Discount Ramps and this product to anyone needing it!!! Great Job!!!

5 Stars Black widow motorcycle carrier

Wayne from CA wrote (August 30, 2015):

The New Black widow motorcycle carrier shipment was delivered right on schedule, the directions to put together were easy to follow, all the hardware was there, the heavy dutyness and quality is there. I needed a carrier to carry my KLR with the pop up bed camper I have.

5 Stars excellent product

Casey from MI wrote (August 07, 2015):

super easy to install. works Great!

5 Stars Best 4 the money

Tim from CA wrote (July 30, 2015):

Assembled on the back of the motor home, 45 minutes, easy. Loaded the bike, tied it down, took a test drive...all perfect. Bike is under 300 lbs., but have many so I needed a carrier for other reasons too. Very satisfied.


FELIX TRAHAN from LA wrote (July 29, 2015):

T he product arrived on time and was easy to order, only problem I was short 2 bolts, I had 12 nuts but only had 10 bolts , nice people II called and was assuredI wouldreceive them next day ship, Thanks Felix

5 Stars The right price

Rory from OR wrote (July 24, 2015):

For the price it will definitely get the job done. Would have been nice to have instructions in the box as I had to call discount ramps & have them send me an email. I then had to read the instructions off my cell phone. Not ideal for that situation. Kristine was very nice & sent the link very quickly.

5 Stars motorcycle carrier

Richard Forbes from NH wrote (June 24, 2015):

My motorcycle carrier arrived quicker than I expected, assembly was very easy, test loaded the bike everything went very good, a very good value for the money

5 Stars impressed with all aspects

Rondall from TX wrote (June 22, 2015):

the unit shipped sooner than I expected .I had it assembled, on my motor home, motorcycle loaded and on the road in about an hour. I watched it on the rear monitor the first twenty mile then stopped to check everything. first trip was over 200 miles with no problems. I was surprised with the ride. very little shake, rattle and roll. My bike is a kawasaki 650 versys at 450 lbs. The motorcycle balances pretty well on the carrier without tie downs. A big strong person might load and unload by himself but I recommend having a helper to be safe. My wife is a great pusher. overall a good product. construction is very good. I will repaint with a more durable product

5 Stars Excellent Value for the Money

Ted from TX wrote (May 27, 2015):

I got this and it was easy to assemble and I was able to mount it by myself. I gave it 5 Stars but I have some recommendations. I bought a can of aerosol spray-on bedliner. I sanded down the inner surface of the ramps and sprayed the bedliner on to give it more of a gripped surface. The first time I put the bike on it slid down the ramp while taking if off rendering the brake ineffective. This gives you more control by having a gripped surface. But I will tell you that the additional $9 was not an issue for me and makes the ramp that much better. You won't find a better value for the money!

5 Stars Impressive Product

Howard from AZ wrote (May 22, 2015):

I received my carrier in a timely manner. It was packed well and was in great condition. This is not a difficult item to assemble, but the directions are still very clear, so it was easy to assemble. Be advised, it is heavy (about 100#), so be prepared to have a little bit of help to get the box where you want it and to position the parts for assembly. Once I had it together, I put it on the back of my Dodge Caravan and gave it a try. i had a Genuie Stella scooter that I needed to get to the shop. The loading ramp is a great length so the loading angle is low enough that it was easy to get the bike up it. I was working alone (not recommended) and was able get the bike loaded and tied down with no difficulties. It is important to note that I have loaded and tied down bikes in the past. The ramp has pins that insert into the base to keep it from sliding or falling. Excellent! When I got to the shop, then mechanics came out to help and were immediately impressed with the carrier, saying that it looked every bit as good as other brands which are considerably more expensive. The Good: Easy to assemble, nice wide loading ramp, I love that the ramp has pins that insert into the platform, keeping it from sliding or falling off, simple and straight forward to tie bikes down. the price. The bad: On scooter with small front wheels, the cradle does not move far enough forward AND still rock back and forth. It catches on the wheel chock.

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