Hitchrack Truck Bed Extender

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Add an additional 53-1/2" of length to your pickup truck bed with the HitchRack bed extender. Adjustable in height and width, this bed extender ensures safe transportation of longer workloads that hang off of the truck bed. The heavy duty steel construction gives the extender rack a 750 lb capacity and fits a Class III or IV hitch. Reflective strips are located on the sides and front of the rack for visibility, and a blaze orange safety flag is included to attach to the end of your loads.

  • Adds 53-1/2" of length to the end of pickup
  • Adjustable width and height
  • 750 lb capacity
  • Fits Class III or IV hitch


Use the truck bed extender when transporting longer loads in your pick up truck bed! The HitchRack is adjustable height and width wise to fit your application needs! Manufactured from heavy duty steel tubing! Includes a 1 year warranty!


Transport extra long payloads with help from the HitchRack truck bed extender! The HitchRack is manufactured from heavy duty steel tubing giving it a distributed weight capacity of up to 750 lbs on the sides and front of the truck bed extender are reflective strips for added visibility along with an included bright orange safety flag to attach to the end of your load. The support arm can be adjusted width wise and height wise allowing you to use the HitchRack for many different applications. The HitchRack comes standard to fit into 2" square hitch receivers but can be used on 1-1/4" receivers with a hitch adapter. Not only is the truck bed extender great for transporting longer payloads, but also can be used as a portable work table by folding down the side arms. The HitchRack includes a 1 year warranty!

HitchRack - Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender
Class III or IV (2")
53" from center of 1/2" hitch pin hole to end of extension
51-1/2" from center of 5/8" hitch pin hole to end of extension
32 lbs
150 lbs (Class II), 375 lbs (Class III & above)
2" Class III or IV

Product Features

  • Extends truck beds for carrying longer payloads
  • Adjustable length and width give versatility for use in many different applications
  • Includes a blaze orange safety flag
  • Heavy duty steel tube construction
  • Held together with (4) quick release clevis pins
  • Reflective tape on front and sides for greater visibility
  • Side arms can be folded down creating the supports for a portable work area
  • Distributed Load Capacity is Between truck bed and HitchRack: 300 lbs (Class II), 750 lbs (Class III & above)
  • Hitch pin NOT included
  • 1 Year Warranty


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