Home Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair Ramps For Use At Home

These modular threshold ramps are designed to ensure accessibility to entryways that have an uneven floor surface or single step. An included threshold flap provides a 1/2" transition from the landing area to the peak of the ramp. The home wheelchair ramps are constructed from durable aluminum and support up to 600 lbs. Great for pedestrians, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes.

1 Year Warranty
Item # Description Length Height Adjustable Height Weight Availability Price Quantity
THR1 1" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 4-7/8"
Including top flap: 6-5/8"
1" 3/4" up to 1-1/4" 4 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

THR15 1-1/2" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 7-3/8"
Including top flap: 9-1/8"
1-1/2" 1-1/4" up to 1-3/4" 5 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

THR2 2" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 9-7/8"
Including top flap: 11-5/8"
2" 1-3/4" up to 2-1/4" 6 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

THR3 3" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 14-7/8"
Including top flap: 16-5/8"
3" 2-3/4" up to 3-1/4" 10 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

THR4 4" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 19-7/8"
Including top flap: 21-5/8"
4" 3-3/4" up to 4-1/4" 14 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

THR5 5" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 24-7/8"
Including top flap: 26-5/8"
5" 4-3/4" up to 5-1/4" 18 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

THR6 6" Aluminum Threshold Ramp 29-7/8"
Including top flap: 31-5/8"
6" 5-3/4" up to 6-1/4" 23 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.


The modular threshold ramp enables pedestrians, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes to have access to doorways, raised landings and sliding patio doors that have an uneven surface or single step. Constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum the home wheelchair ramps have a modular design and adjustable flap on top. The top lip of each threshold ramp features a channel that allows the addition of taller threshold ramps as well the included flap. The flap provides a smooth 1/2" transition when the ramp does not fit perfectly the the raised edge. If the ramp fits perfectly to the raised edge, the lip can be removed completely. The aluminum threshold ramp is available in 7 different heights, from 1" to 6" to work with many different types of doorway thresholds. The aluminum threshold ramp has a non-slip surface to provide traction and can be used inside or outside. These threshold ramps are free standing and include pre-drilled holes and the hardware needed to permanently mount these ramps.

Aluminum Threshold Ramp
600 lbs

Product Features

  • Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum
  • Ideal for doorways, a single step, thresholds, sliding patio doors and raised landings
  • Enables people with wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, canes, etc to safely cross offset floors
  • Modular design with an adjustable flap on top
  • Non-slip surface provides traction
  • Includes hardware to assemble and secure to surface
  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
  • Available in 7 different heights
  • Mounting holes pre-drilled into ramp
  • Includes 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


ADA Specifications for Wheelchair Threshold Ramps and Landings

Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)


5 Stars The BEST BUY on the Internet

Ellie W. from MN wrote (September 27, 2014):

I purchased this ramp to allow me to get my husband (in wheelchair) from our garage into our home (a 4.25" step)......ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS.... It truly is adaptable from 3.75" to 4.25" application.....The quality is MAGNIFICENT / STURDY and it looks GOOD as well......so much so that I will leave it in place for my convenience, after it's not needed anymore..... I found for maximum sturdiness, in my 4.25" application, just slide 2 wooden Paint sticks under each end of the highest brace ( for shims) & it will make it extremely solid...... 3.75" application would be sturdy without it.

5 Stars Threshold ramp

Robbie from WV wrote (September 26, 2014):

This was the perfect product for getting the wheelchair over the threshold. Works great and easy installation. Very good price and quality product. Recommended !

5 Stars The Wheelchair Glides Over the Threshold

Pat from NJ wrote (September 25, 2014):

An excellent price for this well built ramp. We had trouble rolling our transport chair over the tracks of a sliding glass door. This ramp, plus a wooden strip in the track, lets the wheelchair move over the track and down the ramp outside. It is light weight but strong, doesn't bend under the weight of the chair and my husband, and was very easy to install.

5 Stars Threshold Ramp

Lance from NC wrote (September 24, 2014):

I needed two threshold ramps for moving. I looked at quite a few before finding DiscountRamps. Wow! Problem solvers, they are! I purchased two of these! One with a 2" rise and one with a 4" rise. These ramps are heavy gauge aluminum yet light weight! Simple to assemble and can be made permanent or taken on the go! They have a 600 lb. capacity, and the pricing is super reasonable as compared to other ramps! Very sturdy and self standing! You can even remove a section for a shorter rise! I highly recommend these for any mobility issues! Thanks DiscountRamps!

5 Stars OMGoodness I'm independent, single and live by myself

Ms. Jaime K from CA wrote (September 19, 2014):

Broke my left foot ...3 places ..just had surgery...I have to use a wheel chair because I have problems with my right knee and hip. I have been stuck in my house with my foot in the air...just received my ramps today ... Got them installed ... Project was easy for my girlfriends husband and I just rolled out earlier to my front yard (by myself) and watered my front yard....next I will get the ramps for my back yard too. Thank you, Jaime K

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