How To: Choose a Pet Ramp

Choosing a pet ramp

Consider your typical need for a pet ramp – are you just loading and unloading from an SUV, or does your pet need help getting into multiple vehicles, onto a deck or furniture at home, plus into an RV on the weekend?

Here are some pet ramp points to consider:

Folding vs Telescoping Design
While both styles get the job done, the telescoping style offers a number of benefits:

  1. More versatile – the folding style can only be used at the length when it is unfolded; the telescoping style can be used at any length between the fully closed and fully open position, thus allowing it to be used in more ways.
  2. Easier to deploy – whereas the folding style requires the ramp to be placed upside-down for unfolding, then turned over to use, the telescoping style simply slides in and out.
  3. Safer – folding ramps come with a warning to keep hands free of the middle “pinch point” where the two pieces meet. Getting a finger caught here can be quite painful. Telescoping ramps have no such “pinch point”.

Pet Ramp Size
Generally speaking, longer is better when it comes to pet ramps, since a longer ramp allows for a flatter angle for the pet to climb. Unless you know you will only use the ramp for short elevations (under 20″), it is best to choose a ramp of approximately 72″ in length.

Dog/Pet Ramp Strength
Choose a ramp that handles much more weight than you think you need for handling your dog or pet. A stronger ramp will bend less when your pet uses it, thus giving them more confidence going up and down.

Weight of Pet/Dog Ramp
Ramps can be bulky and difficult to work with. Don’t make the task more difficult with a pet ramp that is overly heavy.

Pet Ramp Features

  • Side rails are an important safety feature on ramps, and give your pet extra confidence when using it. Avoid ramps that are flat on top for this reason.
  • A well-designed handle makes it much easier to use a ramp – look for models which include this important feature. Many ramp manufacturers cut costs by eliminating the handle (they usually say they have a “built-in” handle), thus making it more difficult to carry and use their ramps. Avoid these cost-cutting designs.
  • Safety release straps keep ramps from opening unintentionally, usually when they are being carried. A ramp opening on its own can create a safety hazard so check to make sure this feature is included.

The Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp works best for all situations because at 13 lbs, it is the lightest ramp on the market, with a load capacity over 400 lbs It can be adjusted to many different lengths, so it can be used on different applications easily. Plus, it includes a unique “wavy” walking surface for superior traction for your pet, a convenient carry handle, and a safety release strap.

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