Invacare Paddle Walker

These lightweight mobility walkers have wide deep frames with many height adjustments. The release paddles make folding up the walker easy, even for users with dexterity issues.

BRAND: Invacare
5 Year Warranty
Item # Description Status Price Quantity
6291-1 Dual-Release Adult Paddle Walker
Package of 1

6291-A Dual-Release Adult Paddle Walker
Package of 4

6291-JR Dual-Release Junior Paddle Walker
(Only available in package of 4)

Client height ranges are approximate
Always consult your physician / therapist to determine proper adjustment and usage


The Invacare Paddle Walker is a lightweight, easy to maneuver walker with a wide, deep frame. It conveniently features a number of height adjustments and has composite side braces for additional stability. Opening and closing the Invacare walker is easy with ergonomic, nylon release paddles that are great for users with dexterity issues. The paddle walker folds up for transport or storage with folding mechanisms that are easy to reach while seated. The Invacare Paddle Walker has a 300 lb weight capacity, is available in two sizes, and includes a 5 year warranty.

The Adult size walker is available in a package of 1 or 4; the Junior size walker is only available in a package of 4.

Additional Invacare Walker Specifications
Item #Height AdjustmentBase WidthBase DepthWeight
6291-130-3/8" - 37-3/8"21-1/2"17-1/2"5 lb 5 oz
6291-A30-3/8" - 37-3/8"21-1/2"17-1/2"5 lb 5 oz
6291-JR25-3/8" - 32-3/8"20-1/2"16-1/2"5 lb 1 oz
300 lbs.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Wide, deep frame with numerous height adjustments
  • Composite lower side brace provides stability
  • Ergonomic paddles make opening and closing the walker easy
  • Paddles have a nylon construction that is resistant to cracking
  • Folds up for transport or storage
  • Folding mechanisms are easy to reach from a seated position
  • Quiet operation
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Available in two sizes
  • Also available with 3" or 5" wheels
  • Folded Depth 4"
  • Inside Hand Grips: 17" W
  • Only new, unopened Invacare items are returnable
  • Adult walkers are available in a package of 1 or 4
  • Junior walkers are only available in a package of 4
  • Approximate Client Height:
    6291-1: 5'3" - 6'4"
    6291-A: 5'3" - 6'4"
    6291-JR: 4'4" - 5'7"
  • 5 Year warranty


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