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Move a kayak or canoe from your car or SUV to the water's edge with the kayak and canoe dolly. This lightweight aluminum cart accommodates up to 195-lbs, making it easy to transport your watercraft longer distances without any hassle. The carrier's V-shape and foam bumpers cradle the craft's hull, and dual kickstand feet hold the dolly steady as you load the kayak or canoe.

  • 195-lb weight capacity
  • Aluminum construction won't rust
  • Wide pneumatic tires handles uneven terrain like a sandy beach
  • Built-in spring-loaded supports keep dolly steady during loading
  • Foam bumpers protect the boat's hull
  • Includes one 12-foot tie down strap


The KC-Dolly saves time and hassle when transporting a boat from the vehicle to a lake or river. Works great as a kayak dolly or canoe dolly! Easily rest a kayak or canoe on the dolly cart platform, strap it down and it's ready to go.


Transport a single canoe or kayak from the parking lot to the lake easily and hassle free with a KC-Dolly Canoe and Kayak Dolly. The dolly cart is designed to hold a boat by the hull in a V-shaped cradle with (2) 5-1/4"L foam bumpers on each arm. Cradle arms are connected together with a 13" nylon strap to prevent the cradle from opening too far. Part of the support stand features a 7-1/2"H spring-loaded stand which keeps the dolly cart propped up onshore for quick loading out of the water. Large 9-1/2" diameter pneumatic tires provide stable support on uneven terrain which is especially useful in sandy areas. For convenience, the KC-Dolly folds compact to 26"W x 16-1/2"H for storage between uses.

Once a canoe or kayak is on the dolly cart it can be held in place with the included 12 foot long tie-down strap. Since many canoes and kayaks have different shapes and configurations, best judgment is required for using the tie-down strap properly. It's ideal to have the strap looping through a top-side bungee system or carrying handle to ensure the kayak or canoe does not shift during transport. Be sure the strap does not interfere with the canoe dolly wheels and that it loops through the supports for a firm connection. The KC-Dolly is made with aluminum tube construction which will not rust. Includes a one year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

Canoe & Kayak Dolly Cart - For easily transporting a canoe or kayak from the parking lot to beach
9 lbs

Product Features

  • Works great as a kayak dolly or canoe dolly
  • Provides stable support on uneven terrain
  • 9-1/2"D pneumatic tires (3-1/2" wide)
  • Built-in 7-1/2" tall spring-loaded support stand
  • (4) Foam bumpers each 5-1/4"L protect the boat hull
  • Includes (1) 12'L x 1"W tie-down strap
  • 13" nylon strap connects dolly arms to prevent over-extending
  • Folds compact for storage between uses
  • Quick assembly, only wheels need to be attached
  • Aluminum tube construction will not rust
  • 1 year warranty


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Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 6 Reviews)


5 Stars Works great

Paul from FL wrote (June 08, 2016):

Excellent quality. Works great. I have a Hobie AI

5 Stars Kayak Dollie

Robert from NJ wrote (May 04, 2016):

Love it, snap to assemble no pun intended, excellent construction, durable, thanks D R!

5 Stars As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

Happy Paddler from NY wrote (September 27, 2015):

I live two blocks from a creek that leads to our local lake. I was using a D I Y kayak carrier I found on YouTube, but it quickly fell apart, wouldn't go over the cracks in the sidewalks or turn in any direction. This affordable and sturdy yet portable kayak dolly works like a dream. Just position it with tripod leg on the ground, pop the kayak on it, and strap it on your kayak with the included 12' long strap. Once at the creek, I fold it and strap to the back of my kayak. In minutes, I'm off and paddling!

5 Stars 1st time Kayaker

Mike from NH wrote (August 11, 2015):

Purchased my first Kayak; a 10 footer recreational one. Decided to throw it into the back of my SUV and haul it down to our lake; a 5 minute trip. Not a good idea to throw a Kayak, a wet and sandy bottom Kayak; back into my SUV. Did an online research and decided to buy the portable dolly cart. Good price and fast delivery! Opened the box and within 5 minutes I was hauling the Kayak down to our lake with the dolly. It is just great. The kids handled the unit as it was that easy. Decided to purchase a 2ns Kayak and did order a second dolly cart. Product looks great; it's easy to put together ; and the price is also great.

5 Stars kayak dolly

Jim from MI wrote (July 26, 2015):

We have a tandem sea kayak that is very heavy and oh so long. Getting it from the car to the water was always a pain! I purchased the kayak dolly and mounted it about midway. I can now move the kayak with one hand. Before it took two people and a lot of effort. The only thing I didn't like was the filler valve on the tires. I found it very difficult to inflate the tires. That being done, I would recommend the dolly.

5 Stars Kayak & Canoe Dolly

Keith Kelley from MI wrote (November 26, 2014):

This product is exactly as described. We purchased this to get our canoe and paddle boards across the road to the lake. This has made it so easy. We love the ability to load this ramp in three different ways. It is easy to handle and so compact that when not in use, its folded and put right in the canoe for safe keeping. Great product. Great Company to work with. Customer Service is absolutely amazing. Shipping was fast and reasonably priced.