Kendon Radial Tire and Aluminum Wheel Kit
Spare Tire & Wheel For Kendon Stand-Up&Trade; Motorcycle Trailers
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Attractive 5-spoke 13" cast aluminum wheel upgrade with mounted ST175/80R13 radial tire. Provides a smoother, quieter ride and improved sway control. Set of two.


Upgrade the looks and ride of a Kendon SRL Ride-Up Stand-Up™ Single motorcycle trailer, Kendon Stand-Up Single Trailer, Kendon Chopper Trailer, or a Kendon Dual Rail Transport Trailer with this aluminum wheel and radial tire kit. The 5-spoke cast aluminum wheel comes mounted with an ST175/80R13 radial trailer tire, providing a smoother, more refined ride. Wider than the standard tire, the Kendon radial tire kit offers improved trailer sway control and tire wear. In addition to the aluminum wheel and tire, the kit includes an aluminum wheel cap, spacer (may not be required on all applications), and locking lug nut with key. Available in a set of two.Please Note: This tire and wheel only fits Kendon trailers made after 2003.

13" Cast aluminum wheel and radial tire upgrade for Kendon trailers (Set)

Product Features

  • Designed to be used with Kendon SRL Ride-Up Stand-Up™ Single motorcycle trailers, Kendon Stand-Up Single Trailers, Kendon Chopper Trailers, and Kendon Dual Rail Transport Trailers
  • Attractive, 5-spoke 13" cast aluminum wheel
  • Mounted ST175/80R13 radial trailer tire
  • Creates a smoother, quieter ride
  • Improved trailer sway control
  • Wider footprint with better tire wear
  • Set of two

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