Kendon Single Trailer Stone Guard
Kendon Single Motorcycle Trailer Stone Guard


Rock guard to protect motorcycles loaded on single bike Kendon Stand-Up™ motorcycle trailers. Covers the full width of the trailer to deflect flying rocks and debris. Rises up 30" from trailer deck.


Shield a bike riding on a Kendon SRL Ride-Up Stand-Up™ Single motorcycle trailer or a Kendon Stand-Up™ Single Trailer from rocks and debris kicked up by the tow vehicle with this Kendon single trailer stone guard. The rock guard is custom fit to Kendon single motorcycle trailers, and covers the entire width of the deck. The rock guard goes up 30" from the deck of the motorcycle trailer.

Rock guard for Kendon single motorcycle Stand-Up™ trailers made in 2003 or later

Product Features

  • Protects the motorcycle on the trailer from dirt, rocks, and other debris kicked up by the tow vehicle
  • Covers the entire width of the motorcycle trailer deck
  • Rises 30" from the deck of the trailer

Warning and Usage Guidelines

This product only fits Kendon trailers built in 2003 or after.

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