Kendon® Stand-Up™ Air-Over-Hydraulic Sport Bike Lift Table - 600 lb Capacity
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The Kendon Stand Up, Fold Up, Sport Bike Lift is the perfect solution for servicing, maintaining, or storing your sport bike. This innovative lift folds up vertically and can be rolled where you want for storage! The air/hydraulic motorcycle lift has a weight capacity of 600 lbs and only weighs 120 lbs! Black powder coated glossy finish and an integrated wheel chock!

The Kendon Stand Up, Fold Up, Sport Bike lift is perfect for the shop or at your home garage. This sport bike lift has a weight capacity of 600 lbs and itself weighs only 120 lbs. One of the key features of the Kendon sport bike motorcycle lift is its ability to fold up for storage in your garage out of the way when it is not needed.

The sport bike lift also does not require an air compressor to operate but operates on either air OR hydraulics! This motorcycle lift folds up to dimensions of 60" high, 17" deep, and 28" wide. When in use, the sport bike lift has multiple locking positions which allow for different heights for working on your bike. The lift features a removable ramp which attaches to the lifting platform for easy loading and unloading.

The finish on this sport bike lift is a powder coated glossy black which will hold up to the wear and tear of regular repeated use. The legs of the lift table are scissors style with integrated casters on the rear leg feet for maneuverability when the stand is folded up. Included on the sport bike lift is an integrated wheel chock which can be used with tie down straps to keep the bike secure to the table for service or maintenance.

Two sets of tie down points on the front and the back of the sport bike lift allow for easy integration of tie down straps. This lift can be used by shop owners, home garage enthusiasts, and racers for quick service of a motorcycle.

This motorcycle lift table also has optional accessories such as a tool tray, oil tray, lift jack, and tie down kit. The tool tray attaches to the side of the lift and measures 18" x 12" which can be used to hold tools or parts when working on your bike. The oil tray attaches into the middle of the lift platform and measures 5-1/4" wide by 13" long and 1-1/2" deep. The tray and lift platform have a 1 inch hole and a 1 inch tube allowing for fluid drainage.

Bikes up to 78" (measured from front of front tire to center of rear axle)
120 lbs
600 lbs

Product Features

  • Self locking integrated wheel chock allows one person operation and keeps bike upright
  • Folds up vertically for storage (60" high x 17" deep x 28" wide)
  • Air & Hydraulic ram combo will easily lift motorcycles up to 600 lbs
  • 4 strap tie down loops
  • Includes 24" long x 10" wide removable rear loading ramp
  • Track Dimensions: Outside to Outside: 7.5", Inside: 5.5"
  • Multiple safety lock positions
  • Steel construction with powder coated glossy black finish
  • Hand operated hydraulic lifting ram or air compressor to hoist bike
  • Kickstand keeps the lift stable in the upright storage position
  • Recommended for home use, dealerships, shops, shows and the race track

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Compressor requirements: 120 psi with 5 gallon tank or greater

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