Kendon Trailer Jack
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Bolt on trailer tongue jack for Kendon motorcycle trailers. Allows the trailer to be detached from the tow vehicle. Swivel wheel permits user to move loaded trailer by hand. 500 lb capacity.


Remove a fully loaded Kendon SRL Ride-Up Stand-Up™ Single motorcycle trailer, Kendon Stand-Up™ Single Trailer, Kendon Chopper Trailer, or a Kendon Dual Rail Transport Trailer from the tow vehicle with this Kendon trailer jack. With very little cranking effort required, the trailer tongue jack can lift up to 500 lbs of tongue weight off of the vehicle's hitch. A swiveling roller wheel allows the trailer to be easily moved while loaded. Compatible with 2004 and newer Kendon trailers, the crank down swivel jack simply bolts on. Each trailer jack is plated to resist oxidation, and is made in the U.S.A.

Kendon Trailer Jack with Swivel Wheel and Bolt-On Mounting Hardware
500 lbs (trailer tongue)
2004 and newer Kendon trailers

Product Features

  • Allows a fully loaded Kendon trailer to be removed from its tow vehicle
  • High mechanical leverage requiring very little effort to raise or lower
  • 500 lb Tongue Weight Capacity
  • Swiveling roller wheel allows the loaded trailer to be easily moved
  • Zinc-plated steel construction
  • Must be removed from the trailer before towing - Simple tool-free removal with pin
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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