Kolpin ATV Tire Repair Kit


Don't take a chance getting stranded with a flat tire. The Kolpin Tire Repair Kit supplies the tools you need to repair and inflate your ATV tires in an easy to carry storage pouch.


Be prepared in case of a flat tire with the Kolpin ATV Tire Repair Kit. This kit contains everything you need to repair and inflate your tire and get back on the trail. The kit includes three CO2 cartridges, a regulator/adapter tool, five 4" tire seals, a tire roughing tool, and a plug installation tool, all conveniently carried in a storage pouch.

Tire Repair Kit for ATVs

Product Features

  • Three CO2 cartridges (1 or 2 cartridges will fill most ATV tires)
  • Regulator / adapter tool
  • Five 4" tire seals
  • Tire roughing tool
  • Plug installation tool
  • Storage pouch

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